Recommended Software

Most of these are shareware programs that are as good or better than any commercial programs. All of these are programs that I use, and they are all worth downloading and trying out.

I link to the "Main" page of these links, sometimes things get moved around, this way you are more likely to find what you are looking for. Also, you get to see other programs available by the respective companies.

Opera - The fastest web browser around! And only a 2 mb download (9mb with Java). Features multiple windows (how come Netscape or MS never thought of that?), email, news, and plug-ins. Version 5 adds lots of new features and standards support; a pretty good email client, the best cookie handling of any browser, "print view" (that's cool!), more customizations that other browsers (why don't Netscape or IE allow you to specify your source viewer?) and resumable downloads! It's not free, but well worth the price. OK as of version 5 there IS a free ad sponsered version. Go check it out!
Opera Web Browser

CD Trustee - A great program to catalogue your CD collection, with no typing required! Just insert your CDs and this program will look them up via the internet and fill in the song titles, artist, album name, etc. Shareware.

AZZ Card file - This program is a replacement for the old Windows 3.1 Cardfile program, but so much better. This became an indespensible program after only a few days! Highly recommended. Written by a ham operator. Shareware $12

Alpha 5 - This is one of the best database programs available. Access tends to frustrate me because many of the things that ought to be easy are actually a real headache, or not possible at all. Not so in Alpha 5. Amazingly easy to use and also extremely powerful. I had been using Access for a while, but finally came back to Alpha 5. Many years ago I also used Alpha 4, the best DOS database program.

Paint Shop Pro - An excellent graphics program. Edits, views, and converts almost any graphic formats. This program has manipulated every graphic on this home page.

Cool Edit - Windows sound editor program. Manipulate sound files in an almost infinite number of ways. I use Cool Edit to do my Moldie Oldie.

Noteworthy Composer - An excellent program for writing sheet music and converting midi file to sheet music. Will also make midi files from music scores.

Acecalc - An excellent DOS based astronomy program. (264K)

MightyFax - If you just need a basic, easy to use fax program then this is the one for you. Shareware $19.95

Pegasus Mail - A great email program. Has auto-filing of messages, and any other feature you could possibly want. Best of all it is totally FREE!

Programmers File Editor - Another totally free program. Extremely customizable, and it will edit plain text files of any size (no 64K limit here). Unfortunately, PFE has been discontinued. I am not sure why it isn't available for download any longer. This one will do just fine until something better comes along.

UltraEdit - A really good text *and* hex editor, very customizable, built in Syntax highlighting. Shareware $30

Xnews - An excellent usenet newsreader program. All kinds of nifty features, if I were to write a newsreader program, it would be exactly like this one. Best feature - It's Free!!

CKRename - Another free program, this is a file rename utility. Rename all files in a subdirectory, add numbering, and more.

KChess - A really good shareware Chess program. It beats me fairly handily.

File Managers:

Check out my "Commanders" page for all of your file management needs.

XyWrite - A word processor program from way back. Most people that use this are professional writers, one thing that I am not. I like it for it's speed and amazing customization abilities. Does not have all the bloat associated with trying to make a word processor into a desktop publishing program, yet does more word processing. Comes in DOS and Windows versions. I still prefer XyWrite IV for DOS. And I'm still waiting for that Smartwords editor...

XyWWWeb - A collection of XyWrite add-ons.
XyWrite Mailing List FTP server
XyWrite Mailing List Gopher
A satisfied XyWrite III+ User
Notabene - A Windows word processor based on XyWrite

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