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The "back in the day" syndrome. Things were always better back-when. Some things were better back then, and some are better now. More personality jocks then. Higher overall standard now. Better stunts then. More focused sound now.
USA - Friday, June 15, 2001 at 23:32:52 (EDT)
Radon: Ten years ago I would say the atmosphere was different... but can you honestly tell me that the quality of what's on the air today in this market is anywhere close to what it used to be? Almost (notice I didn't say all...) everyone who was a veteran has moved on... tired of all the BS. You're left with a lot of fresh blood that hasn't necessarily learned what works and what doesn't.
USA - Friday, June 15, 2001 at 22:43:03 (EDT)
"In any case Richmonders wouldn't know real programming if it was forced down their I wouldn't expect them to understand electronic"................... Oh, please DO educate us. And if you think of it, see if you can't nail down the definition of the word "patronizing".
USA - Friday, June 15, 2001 at 22:34:29 (EDT)
Tony: Paul Oakenfold is one of my favorite artists. Then again so is Sasha and John Digweed. You are correct, most people won't get the music... I knew that you weren't referring to most electronic music when you said "dance". You might be surprised that he has a very real following in the states, even if he's not "mainstream". In any case Richmonders wouldn't know real programming if it was forced down their I wouldn't expect them to understand electronic. That's the beauty of choice though... I can like both mainstream and electronic music.
Blah, VA USA - Friday, June 15, 2001 at 21:50:58 (EDT)
Tony: Paul Oakenfold is one of my favorite artists. Then again so is Sasha and John Digweed. You are correct, most people won't get the music... I knew that you weren't referring to most electronic music when you said "dance". You might be surprised that he has a very real following in the states, even if he's not "mainstream". In any case Richmonders wouldn't know real programming if it was forced down their I wouldn't expect them to understand electronic. That's the beauty of choice though... I can like both mainstream and electronic music.
Blah, VA USA - Friday, June 15, 2001 at 21:50:26 (EDT)
To Enjuhneer No drama. Just trying to make my point and not trying to be labeled or stereotyped. Don't know and don't really care. I do have respect for him, but I'm not a fan of his or his music. I also believe that people in the clubs AND on radio (here in the USA), won't get his type of music. His style of music isn't the type I believe would work on radio anyway. So please don't assume that Oakenfold is represenative of the music I am talking about. I have never played an Oakenfold record and don't care to. Musically yours, Tony
Tony Fernandez <>
Richmond, VA USA - Friday, June 15, 2001 at 21:05:48 (EDT)
P, Enjuhneer... Very creative. Very nice!!!
Javier <Jav107>
USA - Friday, June 15, 2001 at 18:43:57 (EDT)
Person: I'll take one Whopper, with fries. Ex-DJ: Ok, coming right up. (2 hours later) Person: Hey, where's my Whopper with fries? Ex-DJ: Sorry, looking for it. Give me a few more minutes. (hour later) Person: You ever gonna get me that whopper with fries? Ex-DJ: I'm sorry? Oh, you must have talked to the last guy in the drive through. I just got here. I'll see what I can do. So, how old are you?
USA - Friday, June 15, 2001 at 18:20:03 (EDT)
Hmm... I'm picturing an RE-20 for taking orders at the drive through. Maybe through a Symetrix or Orban mic processor on it... "Would you like to try a super value meal today AND hear the top ten at the bottom nine...."
Yes, VA USA - Friday, June 15, 2001 at 17:35:47 (EDT)
Observer, don't hate me because I have a radio gig and you don't. I'm truly sorry that you are so unhappy with your job at McDonald's. But, look on the bright side. At least you still get to work with a the "drive-thru!" Now, take my order and shut the **** up!!!
Javier <>
- Friday, June 15, 2001 at 17:23:55 (EDT)
OK. Let's see if I can respond all at once. Researcher: Well duhh...that would be why it didn't show up yet if the request was made Monday. As for "Do the math." I'm proud to say you may insult away... I don't have to do the math. I don't have to do anything in radio anymore. I escaped. And the grass is greener on the other side... Wanna be the first to say it: As opposed to a Clear Channel station being where..... 300 Arboretum Place Suite 590? 812 Moorefield Park Drive 2rd Floor? Tony: Wow. Lots of drama here. Toys are good... Unfortunately I can't yet afford an 8200... although I have purchased a few goodies, including a Compellor and DBX DDP... Now where is Paul Oakenfold hiding?
Blah, Va USA - Friday, June 15, 2001 at 17:17:17 (EDT)
I think you’re right. I do want to say I respect your opinion, but it do find it a bit narrow-minded. I have to disagree here. Yes, with a laptop, MP3’s and software, you too can be a DJ. But just because you can, doesn’t mean you should or that you can do it right. It takes more than software and a PC to be a good DJ. It takes more than a mixer and turntables to be a DJ. I don’t pretend to be more than what I am. I don’t pretend to have any god-given talent that no one can fathom or appreciate. I do more than just string records with the same tempo together. There’s more to being a DJ than mixing beats. If you think what I do is shallow and narrow… walk a mile in my shoes. Commercial or not, is arguable, but shallow and narrow… not a chance. I dare anyone on this board to DJ a night anywhere, it isn’t that easy. I can just as easily say that: being a radio personality (because I know that people who are the radio don’t DJ, all they do is talk in front of a mic for their shift) is shallow and narrow. What do radio personalities do other than talk? All the work is done by the PD. Being a on-air radio jock is no big deal. But I WON’T say that because I am not trying to be disrespectful about a job that on the surface looks like nothing more than talking in-between songs that someone else decided to play. So don’t make assumptions about how easy my job is. I don’t about yours. You know something… at the risk of sounding really full of myself here; I’m going to toot my own horn here BIG TIME. First, my career hasn’t been mediocre. It hasn’t been spent in mood enhanced clubs either. I make a great living doing what I love. And I have been consistent. Which is more than I can say about a job in radio. Now for the tooting…. I should be on a radio station doing dance music (dance music, dance SONGS with vocals… NOT techno, mood enhancing mechanical tunes). Having just a show. I’m not stupid or naive to pretend that a 24-hour dance station will work in the USA. I don’t feel that I should be given a show just because I’m a club DJ with a decent following. I am a professional DJ who has paid his dues and continues to pay his dues. Dance Hits 107 came looking for me, I didn’t suck up to get the job. My resume speaks for itself….. I am 1 of 140 reporting DJ’s to Billboard magazine, yeah THAT Billboard. I am 1 of 100 reporting DJ’s to DMA magazine. I am a musical artist with production, writing and editing credits. I get on average 30 of pieces of music a week. I take calls from 20 –30 major and independent record labels a week. I play new music on average 2 weeks before radio THINKS about playing a song much less adding a song. My 20-year mediocre career has afforded me the ability to pick a hit and play it. Not just the ability to mix them with a laptop and software. The only real life thing radio delivers is commercials and the bills to the clients who paid for them. And please don’t insult my intelligence about equipment. I have a full production recording studio. Shoot , I have more equipment than Dance Hits 107, Star 107, or who ever they are this week. A radio station is more than aural exciters, Eventide reverbs, mics, Eq’s. compressors, DAT’s, CD’s and a transmitter. I know that, so don’t think just because you have access to better toys, gives you a more valid opionion. I own my toys, the corporate conglomerate that runs the station owns those. You just get to play with them, I have mine at my house. I can agree with the “soul” comment. I think a lot of music doesn’t have a lot of soul but it’s on the radio and it sells millions of copies. I think your son has DJ’s confused with Rap music. There aren’t enough DJ’s in the mainstream public eye to attribute that comment to. I do play mainstream and I play all kinds of other things too. I don’t want dance music to stay an underground phenomenon, I want it to be mainstream. I don’t DJ at underground clubs… remember where we are RICHMOND. There’s nothing underground about Richmond. I’m not trying to change that. I just want to bring good music to the forefront. Dance music that are songs… NOT mood enhancing techno Junk. And thanks for not considering me an outlaw. Tony
Tony Fernandez <>
Richmond, VA USA - Friday, June 15, 2001 at 15:40:46 (EDT)
Walking, there are alot of other people with a lot more lost than you, and they are not losing it on this board. Just keep in mind the guys that worked full time at 106.5. Oh and concerned listener trust me Lassman doesn't care about quality and cannot distinguish it.
Husker Du
USA - Friday, June 15, 2001 at 15:19:40 (EDT)
3245 BASIE ROAD now houses the BEAT - ( 106.5 ) and the BEAT-OFF ( John Lassman ) I only say this because it's true
Wanna be the first to say it
USA - Friday, June 15, 2001 at 15:14:07 (EDT)
Bill Cahill has register "". Don't know when it'll be up, but he has registered it. Hot is a waste of signal. Just let The Beat and Power battle, Hot is not needed. It's not even like the 103 JAMZ- THE BEAT combo in Tidewater. They're two entirely different stations. 103 JAMZ plays today's hottest Hip Hop and R&B, and does it pretty well, one of my favorite Urbans in the country. THE BEAT plays alot of new and Southern Hip Hop, with the exception of DB in the Morning. Look for The Beat to either go local with mornings or scoop DB (Doug Banks) for mornings.
USA - Friday, June 15, 2001 at 14:06:09 (EDT)
Forgot to mention: The request for the WBTJ calls was made on Monday.
Richmond, VA USA - Friday, June 15, 2001 at 13:23:58 (EDT)
According to the FCC Mass Media Bureau Call Sign directory, a request was made by CAPSTAR TX LIMITED PARTNERSHIP for the WBTJ calls.


Do the math.

Richmond, VA USA - Friday, June 15, 2001 at 13:22:49 (EDT)
guru: Unless something is changed, I'm showing the following licensing data: WBTJ 101.9 FM (Channel 270)Class A ERP: 3.0 kW horizontal / 3.0 kW vertical Stop 26-Riverbend Productions Inc. Hubbard OH Coordinates: N41-5-29 W80-30-5. View map of antenna location. Height Above Average Terrain (HAAT): 100 meters horiz 100 meters vert Height above mean sea level (AMSL): 418 meters horizontal 418 meters vertical Height above ground level (AGL): 65 meters horizontal 65 meters vertical Record last updated by FCC on 09-04-1998 at 14:59:18. File # BLH930726KC Station is licensed with these facilities.
Somewhere, VA USA - Friday, June 15, 2001 at 12:45:16 (EDT)
My mistake,I hit the wrong key on my keyboard...WRCL is NOW WBTJ, 106.5 The Beat...sorry 'bout that...
No Radio Guru
USA - Friday, June 15, 2001 at 12:22:18 (EDT)
Enjuhneer!!!!!! Good to see your participation. I have Burkhardt's FM receiver used for his monitoring service. He performed his magic beyond the equipment itself. Amazing the stations he could receive. I also acquired one of his tool boxes, so I think of him each week. Best Regards
Mike Friedman
Washington , DC USA - Friday, June 15, 2001 at 12:21:32 (EDT)
Hey Matt, sorry to witness your meltdown. You have always been a little bitter about the business so I shouldn't be surprised. But when things didn't go well for me in my career you told me to "keep my head up, things will get better". So now it's time to follow your own advice. Don't give up!
Derrick <>
Richmond, VA USA - Friday, June 15, 2001 at 12:10:03 (EDT)
Concerned: The proper annunciation is "Kramer and Twit". Brian: I have a web based techno station which I normally stream 24/7. I took that off the air to stream WRCL.... so once I'm done with RCL I'm going to put my station back on the net. I'm too far northwest of the city to be able to reliably receive 99.3. If my last name was Burkhardt I'd be able to receive 99.3 from Tennessee (nothing bad intended there.. much respect for Ed), but my RF capabilities are limited to that of mere mortals. I could... if this is something that many people want... set up a rack to relay many stations from Richmond... that would work well. The question is... are the stations in Richmond really worth it? I could see if this was DC, but it isn't. No offense to many of you out there, but let's face it... this isn't the market it used to be... and the days of Steve Davis and Tad Griffin are long gone.
The Internet, Mae East USA - Friday, June 15, 2001 at 11:17:13 (EDT)
John Lassman, you might want to reconsider having these 2 morons voice trac for your attept at a station.. The Louisiana-born Spears, whose album ``Oops! I Did It Again'' was one of the best-selling releases of 2000, was scheduled to perform at a concert at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles on Saturday. ``Representatives for both Spears and Timberlake are looking into the situation to determine the original source of the rumor and if legal action is appropriate,'' the publicist said. The phony report was apparently spread by two San Jose-based radio personalities, known as Kramer and Twitch, whose program was being broadcast in the Dallas, Texas area on KEGL-FM. According to a report in the Dallas Morning News, Kramer and Twitch told their listeners that Spears and Timberlake had been in a car crash in Los Angeles, leaving Spears dead and Timberlake lingering in a coma. I know it was a stunt & it was radio, but if i have to i am gonna have EVERYBODY in Richmond boycott XL-102 I'll goto sponsors & stir things up I dealt with 345 calls to my stations office in one damned day!!! this is a honest plea, give Lucas the mic, & get outta town.
Concernd Broadcaster <>
Richmond, VA USA - Friday, June 15, 2001 at 10:36:01 (EDT)
WRCL is not WBTJ, 106.5 The Beat ...
No Radio Guru
USA - Friday, June 15, 2001 at 10:29:24 (EDT)
Enjuhneer, is 106.5 the only Richmond station that you stream???? Can U do the new 9-9-3?? Just wondering... Let me know... peace.
Brian T. <>
Murfreesboro, NC USA - Friday, June 15, 2001 at 10:25:56 (EDT)
Katie: If you had worked in radio as long as Matt then you would be just as embittered. I'm surprised it took him this long to snap. Asking Matt for radio advice is an all-night affair. I called him up once while he was on the air at his station, and I was on the air at mine. A contest was held. The person calling my station was conferenced over to Matt. The caller had to ask "How did you get into radio?" After that, the only the the caller was allowed to say was "Yes", or "uh huh". The conversation was then timed. Two and a half hours later.... he was still talking. I don't know if that record has been broken or not.
Short Dump, VA USA - Friday, June 15, 2001 at 09:29:13 (EDT)
Sounds like Whit Baldwin just gave his farewell on WRVA this morning. So much for his contract with 'em I guess.
ghost <>
Richmond, VA USA - Friday, June 15, 2001 at 07:54:44 (EDT)
Walking should contact Thor for a new gig. Thor can help Walking, Thor thinks Walking should get a new perspective on life and not take it so hard. Will all of the people who have been blown out of radio, said it sucks and landed on their feet please stand up. There are many people on this board who should be far away from the Biz. Thor will start with Bluto, please keep your novels to a paragraph or less, moron, no one cares, and Enjuneer, please speak in smaller words so idiots like Thor can understand. Thor is wise, Thor is brave, Thor has a tatoo on her.......
Thor <>
Short Pump, Va USA - Friday, June 15, 2001 at 07:20:29 (EDT)
Matt/John, you know I've always looked out for you. Give me a call sometime and tell me what you would like to do and where. I'll hook you up! You are a smart guy with skillzzz. Use it to your advantage!
Javier <>
- Friday, June 15, 2001 at 04:30:15 (EDT)
I asked Matt Nichols for radio advice, and he was pretty mean. He said that radio chews you up and spits you out. Why is he so shocked it happened to him? The show still goes on Matt.
Charles City, VA USA - Friday, June 15, 2001 at 04:19:30 (EDT)
Walking/John/whomever. Why so bitter? Are you SHOCKED that a station changed? Dust off your feet, and keep knocking on doors. It will pay off. If you want it too.
Brandermill, VA USA - Friday, June 15, 2001 at 03:15:04 (EDT)
Tony, you and I are never going to agree on this subject, but here goes one last shot:

"...the original environment in which that music is enjoyed is going to be the most remembered." This is true. But you can say that to ALL forms and styles of music." Yes and no. Oldies, country, CHR, polkas and etc. all sound equally good (or bad) in most environments and none of these formats are presented in the special way that dance music is. Add into that mix (if you will) the special mixes that are eq'd for clubs and you have a whole different animal.

"Why don't you go to Track Auto and build yourself a NASCAR race car. Go to Best Buy or Circuit City, buy a DV camera and become Spielberg. Go to Footlocker buy some Air Jordan sneakers and be like Mike." Very different things. I really CAN do the same mixes at home that you can at your club. I can do it with a laptop and MP3's and $350 mixing software and a PA system that costs $500. It's easy. And I really don't care to challenge you on this issue. I'm sure that you're enormously talented and have a great following. But the fact is that your talent is shallow and narrow and very non-commercial.

Otherwise, Tony, you'd have a great-paying gig spinning music on an enormously successful dance-music radio station instead of an almost 20 year mediocre-paying gig playing music in some dark and dank and "mood-enhanced" dance club.

"I'm not sitting here pretending that being a Club DJ is brain surgery, but don't think like Beck, "With 2 turtables and a microphone" you too can be a DJ. I have a job and a responsibility." And we're all proud for you. My job and my responsibility is to deliver the real-life facts of life to performers. And my system includes a whole lot more than a microphone and a couple of turntables. A lot more. See above. You probably spent too much for yours, btw.

"All the stereotypes of what a DJ does and what happens at a club DO NOT appy to me. I am a peofessional and I wouldn't be a working DJ for pushing 20 years if it was any different. I just want to say for the record that when I refer to dance music, I am NOT refering to..."

Now you start to hedge...

Just because it has a beat doesn't mean it has soul. My son said that. He also suggests that the reason that most club dj's have any fame at all is because they're "outlaws"; once the outlaw fame passes and they begin to play mainstream music, they no longer matter.

Not that you, Tony, are an "outlaw," of course.
Richmond, VA USA - Thursday, June 14, 2001 at 22:18:03 (EDT)

A number of factors at work there... knowing some audio, automation software, and IP networks helps. I've done some pretty extensive studio work in a former life ;) I'll have to get another box for it...but I'll see what I can do.
The Enjuhneer
Conservative, VA USA - Thursday, June 14, 2001 at 20:10:56 (EDT)
The Enguhneer, ur good..... That webcast sounds alot better than other radio stations webcast... Can U keep it up for a good little while??
Brian T. <>
Murfreesboro, NC USA - Thursday, June 14, 2001 at 20:05:44 (EDT)
Alrighty boys and girls... fire up Winamp. Once open, press -L and enter the address - That's all there is to it. It will only be up for a while... and stuff.
The Enguhneer
Richmond, VA Earth - Thursday, June 14, 2001 at 18:57:34 (EDT)
So John, you thinkin bout getting out of radio? I kinda "read between the lines" on your last comment and thought I saw a little disappointment peeking through. At least you had a nice long run that you can look back on fondly...that's what I'm doing. Take care. Betty
betty bodine <>
USA - Thursday, June 14, 2001 at 18:50:57 (EDT)
The Enjuhneer, I wanna here the new WRCL on my computer.. . I can get most of the time out here in N.C., but in the morning, it fades out.. Hook me up.. Peace
Brian T. <>
Murfreesboro, NC USA - Thursday, June 14, 2001 at 18:34:43 (EDT)
For all you out of towners who have Winamp. If you'd like to listen to the new WRCL 106.5 then drop a post here and I'll send you a URL where I'm streaming the station for a few days.
The Enjuhneer
Transmitter Hut, VA USA - Thursday, June 14, 2001 at 18:23:36 (EDT)
John, I want you to know you always have a place at Radio One. We'd love for you to spin the jams as only you can. Tell the folks I said hello. Ta ta.
Katherine Hughes <>
Lanham, MD USA - Thursday, June 14, 2001 at 18:22:20 (EDT)
Checked my copy of the Bill of Rights. Didn't see your right to perpetual employment listed anywhere. It's not raw sewage. It's business. Now you know what it's like to work for any business in America. Don't like it? Move on. It's an option you always had.
USA - Thursday, June 14, 2001 at 17:59:39 (EDT)
To that person who was wondering if I was Walking Encyclopedia.Yes,I was.And The Encyclopdia's last page reads:RAW SEWAGE,RAW SEWAGE,RAW SEWAGE,(Repeat 50 more times).At the urging of friendsith good intentions,I made an inquiry at another well known Richmond Station about weekend work,what did I get?What I THOUGHT I would get,"--Oh we really don't have anything right now but I'll keep your T&R on file,maybe I can get you something out of town---".(like I REALLY ant to start doing THAT shit now!!)OH PLEASE,spare me your calculated rehearsed thank you,f*ck you speeches,I've HEARD IT ALL BEFORE.You bastards FINALLY PUSHED ME OVER THE EDGE.I HAVE HAD IT UP TO HERE WITH THE "MODERN" RADIO BUSINESS.LIKE I HAVE SAID BEFORE,IT'S ALL RAW SEWAGE!!!!(And the stink is overwheming)
Matt Nicholls/John Elliott
USA - Thursday, June 14, 2001 at 17:20:58 (EDT)
I know this has very little to do with radio but...has anybody confirmed the rumor that Media General is looking to start or buy a daily newspaper between Richmond and Washington, DC. I heard rumblings but no one seems to be able to confirm or deny. Thanks!
Liz Wolfe
Richmond, VA USA - Thursday, June 14, 2001 at 16:49:02 (EDT)
Sean, I feel u... That has 2 be the realest thing anybody ever posted on this board.... So once again b4 I bounce, R.I.P J100.3 ... And to Clear Channel Richmond, do ur thing, The Beat is high ratings wating to happen.. Keep it hot.. Power 92.. Keep the competition going.. Thats what every station needs...And Im ghost.. peace...
Brian T. <>
Murfreesboro, NC USA - Thursday, June 14, 2001 at 14:51:39 (EDT)
Thanks for the answers GM and Brian....I checked out the new "9-9-3" today, not at all what I expected. It wasn't at all like the new Norfolk, VA Clear Channel station "92.1 The Beat." "9-9-3's" signal was decent in the downtown area, but there was little to NO differentiation between it's format and Power's. I assumed "9-9-3" would have some type of twist, such as more up beat or "harder" than Power.....not the case. "9-9-3" is not "Richmond's Home for Hip Hop." It's "Richmond's Home for Hip Hop & R&B"....just like Power, no differentiation at all. A COMPLETE waste of a radio station, basically a simulcast of Power.....I really don't understand why Radio One would double up like this, putting out another "commercial hip hop & R&B" station. At least in Norfolk, where 2 Clear Channel stations co-exist, the newer station, 92.1 "The Beat" is a lot harder (no R&B except for during the Morning Show) and has a completely different feel from the other long time power house "103 Jamz." "Hot 9-9-3" appears to be commercial & dj free so far, just like "The Beat." "The Beat" seems slightly harder though, and seems to play a wider variety (old and new) of hip hop, but I've still heard 4 or 5 songs repeated 3 or 4 times since I got to work this morning (on "The Beat"). "The Beat" claims to be playing 5000 songs in a row both commercial and dj free, that would be about 14 days worth, so I guess we'll have to wait until July to see what this station is really going to be like. As for Power, they are already acknowledging the competition....responding to "The Beat's" "turn off the power....the power is played out" drops, w/ their own drop... "Don't hate the player, Hate the game....Richmond's real number #1 station...for life." "The Beat" has their work cut out for them, Power has more DJ's than they know what to do with and has sounded better these past couple months than they ever have.....A HUGE improvement over the "Jamin' J in the Mid Day" and "Aaron Maxwell" shows of years past. The additions of the J100 crew has really given Power a younger more upbeat sound.... I'd like to see "The Beat" as a 24 hour "Hip Hop" station rather than "Hip Hop & R&B." Worst case scenario is all three stations 9-9-3, Power & The Beat, all play the same 40 songs over and over again until no one can stand to listen to any of them.....Somewhat like what has happened in DC area w/ WKYS & WPGC....ABSOLUTELY NO DIFFERENTIATION...same concerts, same songs, same contests, same CD give aways, slow jams at the same time each night (10p-2a), mixing at the same time, countdowns in the 7 o'clock hour, I could go on and on ....Nothing is worse than hearing a played out song (you don't like) on one station, switching the channel only to find that the other station is playing the same damn song....which happens about 10 times a day in DC. I'd like to see our three urban stations co-exist, but give us some type of differentiation, the way our old "J100.3 The Flava" did before being canned by our good old friend, Radio One.
Richmond, VA USA - Thursday, June 14, 2001 at 14:33:08 (EDT)
I just heard that Whit Baldwin got canned by WRVA today. Anyone know any details??
Hiding in the shadows on Basie
Richmond, VA USA - Thursday, June 14, 2001 at 12:52:16 (EDT)
Bluto, I want you to know I'm not picking on you. I'm trying to undersatnd where you're coming from. :-) You wrote: "...the original environment in which that music is enjoyed is going to be the most remembered." This is true. But you can say that to ALL forms and styles of music. Just because dance music is associated with big sounds and lights and that can't be replicated in a car isn't reason for not playing something on the radio. If you hear a slow song with a girl, or a rock song with your buds... what makes those songs playable on radio and dance not? "...a tune enjoyed in a club just does not sound the same on the radio, especially with the anemic audio processing of radio stations these days." True also. But that not a good reason too. "My point is that the hyped audio, the smells, the "mood enhancement", the company you keep at the clubs, these all factor into your memory of a particular piece of music. Get a little happy, get your feet moving, rub up against him/ just cannot replicate that experience in a car on the way to work." You are making blanket value judgements on how people perceive music and how it's interpreted. Come on! How people feel about a certain song? People feel about music in a ton of different ways! You are twisting a specific circumstance to support an idea that is not fair. People feel a certain away about Kid Rock, Limp Bizcut, Britney Spears... these artist are played in clubs AND on the radio. "Yes, at home it's a different story. But I have a sound system here to kill for and I can mood-enhance all I want, with whomever I choose. I can mix music, off vinyl or CD's or MP3's, using software to match beats and rhythms, just like in your club!" Another misconseption here. If you think it's so easy to mix music and do it at home so easy... Why don't you go to Track Auto and build yourself a NASCAR race car. Go to Best Buy or Circuit City, buy a DV camera and become Spielberg. Go to Footlocker buy some Air Jordan sneakers and be like Mike. I'm not sitting here pretending that being a Club DJ is brain surgery, but don't think like Beck, "With 2 turtables and a microphone" you too can be a DJ. I have a job and a responsibility. All the stereotypes of what a DJ does and what happens at a club DO NOT appy to me. I am a peofessional and I wouldn't be a working DJ for pushing 20 years if it was any different. I just want to say for the record that when I refer to dance music, I am NOT refering to trying to put "rave" type or techno music on the radio. I know as well as every one else, that would not work. But what I am trying to understand is why good dance music can't be played. Forget the underground stuff, there are pop artist with dance mixes out NOW. Whay aren't those played? At least once in a blue moon? That was the cool thing about Dance Hits. They would play the Pop stuff: Britney, Christina, Madonna, NSYNC, Jennifer, Destiny's Child, etc. But they also played the dance mixes to these records. And guess what.. they worked!!!!! Dance music with vocals and real instuments played. Not the techno "mood enhanced" type. There is a home for good dance muisc on the radio and it can be here in Richmond. I'm doing my part. Musically yours, Tony
Tony Fernandez <>
Richmond, VA USA - Thursday, June 14, 2001 at 12:17:20 (EDT)
For the way radio listening surveys are taken, go to, click on radio stations and then methodology, and it will explain the process.
The GM
Richmond, VA USA - Thursday, June 14, 2001 at 11:55:15 (EDT)
What up Sean... I can give u a few answers 2 ur questions.. (1st). I dont know how they do those surveys.. I also would like to know how. (2nd). I have not yet heard "Hot 9-9-3"... U may be right, Radio One may have a trick up its sleeve, but maybe not. I dont think a company that size would keep switching formats. (3rd).. I am JUST like you, J100.3 was simply one of the hottest stations I have heard... Only if they had about 45,000 watts.. Everytime I came up the Richmond/Petersburg way, I had to check them out. At least I could say that I could get their signal at Southpark mall, very clear... (4th).. 106.5 Beat is nice.. I can get it ALL the way down here in N.C. where I live, and in stereo... 106.5 sounds exactly like PGC 95.5 in D.C... It has the same sweepers/drops, and everything. I think that Power 92 will have some competition, and dont get me wrong, Power 92 can hold it down, but it will be a good fight. It will also be interesting to see which station (106.5 or 99.3)gets which morning show first...I have not yet heard the new 99.3, but the way people describe it, it is probably like the new "92.1 The Beat, WBHH -fm" over here in Norfolk... by the way which is a Clear Channel station, and has the Doug Banks Morning Show. And to answer the question about the WPGC owner, WPGC 95.5 is owned and operated by Infinity Broadcasting Corporation according to their website. I think that any new station can be on top in ratings, only if they dont change after they debut,and start to slack off. By the way the new 106.5 sounds, it will be J100 all over again, just with a better signal.I hope Clear Channel lets it stay.. Peace
Brian T. <>
Murfreesboro, NC USA - Thursday, June 14, 2001 at 11:37:26 (EDT)
QUESTION: How are radio station rankings generated? I understand that each rating point stands for 1% of the listening population, but how do they obtain their information? Is it telephone survey's? Number of calls to the radio station? Does anyone know? moving on..... It sounds like "Hot 99.3" is a temporary attempt by Radio One to make Clear Channel's attempt to penetrate the Richmond "hip hop" market a failure.... if 106.5 "The Beat" doesn't get the ratings, and is forced to re-format, Radio One would probably switch "Hot 99.3" away from the "hip hop" format the same day "the beat" goes off the air. Pretty stupid move by Radio One, "The Beat's" signal seems stronger than Power's and the music appears to be more upbeat. Richmond's been desperate for ANYTHING NEW ever since Radio One bought out the FM 100 Inc. stations and pulled the plug on "J100.3" two summers ago. "The Beat" is going to take market share from Power, which is a given, why lower your rankings further with 99.3, which is worthless anywhere north of the James, just like J100.3 used to be. The question is, will "The Beat" be able to generate high enough rankings to keep the station on the air? J100.3's WEAK signal killed it's chances of any real competition w/ Power, considering it only competed on the south side. Do any other Clear Channel stations carry the Doug Banks Morning Show? Does anyone know if WPGC 95.5 in DC is a Clear Channel operated station?
Richmond, VA USA - Thursday, June 14, 2001 at 10:29:21 (EDT)
Jake Glenn has been officially named the night DJ at WRVQ Q94, as well as the music director.
No Radio Guru
USA - Thursday, June 14, 2001 at 10:13:53 (EDT)
I thought Matt Nichols was walking encyclopedia?
Richmond, VA USA - Thursday, June 14, 2001 at 08:41:00 (EDT)
First, glad to see that this board has finally turned back to radio!

Now to Tony, who wrote...

"But you are making these grand generalizations with no real base in fact. You are saying that to fully appreciate dance music, you have to have a light show, killer sound system and access to chemical enhancement; be it alcohol, weed, X, etc. And since you can't do that in your car, dance music has no reason to be on the radio. Come on! Are you kidding me? You are forget the basic component of what dance muusic is... MUSIC."

Sorry that I was misunderstood on these issues. You can play any kind of music that you want to on the radio, but the original environment in which that music is enjoyed is going to be the most remembered.

"Mood enhancement" excluded (and that's only an issue for a small percentage of dance music fans), a tune enjoyed in a club just does not sound the same on the radio, especially with the anemic audio processing of radio stations these days.

My point is that the hyped audio, the smells, the "mood enhancement", the company you keep at the clubs, these all factor into your memory of a particular piece of music. Get a little happy, get your geet moving, rub up against him/ just cannot replicate that experience in a car on the way to work.

Yes, at home it's a different story. But I have a sound system here to kill for and I can mood-enhance all I want, with whomever I choose. I can mix music, off vinyl or CD's or MP3's, using software to match beats and rhythms, just like in your club!

But in the truck on the way to the wage-slave thing...NOT! And since most radio listening is done in a vehicle, my bet, based on experience and research over a gazillion years, is that most will tune into the same old grind. Wish it was different, Tony...but it's been the same since John Travolta taught us to dance.
Richmond, VA USA - Thursday, June 14, 2001 at 00:26:40 (EDT)

Tonight (6/13/01), before several hundred cheering supporters at the Richmond Renaissance Center, Jim Jacobs (WLEE "Hot Talk" 990) tossed his hat into the political ring in a write in bid for Governor. He indicated that although he intended to have fun with the bid he was serious about the issues of taxes, education and political funding. Regarding equal time he said he would welcome the Marks on his show and would be happy to share his audience. Jacobs said “We need to stop selling political positions and give the process back to the people”. Stay tuned!
Radio Guy
USA - Wednesday, June 13, 2001 at 22:26:22 (EDT)
Tony T., thanks for the nice words. I love you like a brother!
Javier <>
- Wednesday, June 13, 2001 at 22:16:04 (EDT)
Dear Radio Kid: Before calling yourself Radio Kid, please set the way way back machine to W-P-L-Z. Now boys and girls, since we haven't had any new allocations in the last week... let's ask ourselves if we have heard of any major examples where a major transmitter upgrade accompanied a format switch. Not too often. It's the same 6K directional Class A licensed to Petersburg that we know and uhh.. love? Ok... I'm tired. Sorry, it's been a long day.
Enjuhneer <>
Tajmahtall, VA USA - Wednesday, June 13, 2001 at 22:07:01 (EDT)
Hello all. I would like to say what's up to Jim Herring, Jeff Alexander and Mike Myers. Jim and Jeff, thanks for the kind words and to Mike, good to hear from you. I hope all is well with you. It's good to hear from all of you. My tenure with Richmond radio was quite brief. For the most part, it was a positive experience. I don't have anything bad to say about the experience. I could go on and bash radio in Richmond and commercial radio in gerneral, but there are enough of you people on the board doing that. I do want to give a big thank you to Javier, my partner in crime. He was so gracious and open with me. Taking a novice, ignorant person like myself and showing me the ropes in radio. Javier was so accommodating, obliging, and just plain nice. He would allow me to be myself and push me in the right direction to allow for the DJ in me to come through. I never thought I would have the opportuity to do what I love on commercial radio. The biggest part I will miss of Club 107 is not being with Javier. He is a true professional and he had a vision. We gave Richmond a taste of something new and fresh, and Javier was one of the people on the fore-front of that. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of Richmond's radio history. We know that we can say, "We were the first". I also want to give props to Joey Butler, the PD at 107. I know because of him, I'd never want to be a PD. That guy works too hard! He too allowed me to be a DJ. I understand that he has a lot of responsibilties to fulfill. It was refreshing to be able to talk to a PD about music and being able to get excited about a song. I'm sorry to see him put between a rock and a hard place. That's why there has benn so many music changes in 107. I wish them the best and all the luck in the world. I don't know if I will have the opportunity to be a contributor in the arena of radio in Richmond again, but it was great experience. Thank you for the résumé builder. :-) Musically yours, Tony
Tony Fernandez <>
Richmond, VA USA - Wednesday, June 13, 2001 at 22:00:35 (EDT)
Hot 99.3 can barely be heard in the city. Which is too bad because the music sounds good. Where is the station's tower at?
Radio Kid
RICHMOND, VA USA - Wednesday, June 13, 2001 at 21:46:05 (EDT)
What happened to all the Lassman bashing? As someone who has felt as though he was using me as human toilet paper, I finally felt some happiness realizing that everyone he's ever come in contact with felt the same way I do. To John Elliot, sorry buddy, the pendulum will swing back and these astardo-bays will get theirs, too back several bodies will lie by the side of the road by the time it happens.
Toilet paper
USA - Wednesday, June 13, 2001 at 20:46:46 (EDT)
The following may be considered true and I will verify live for those who want it.Plus,those who post here can throw out any insults & stupid opinons they want to here because I won't see them because I don't own a computer,I'm typing this up from the public library PC........................................................................................To Whom it may concern:After 23 years the radio industry has finally pushed me past the tolorance limit,and made me realize the the industry has turned into a mountain of raw sewage the size of the planet Jupiter.The recent changes at 106.5 were the straw that broke this camel's back.For the sake of my family,I must preserve what's left of my sanity.To do this,I must sever all ties that I have with radio.I feel that further exposure to anything or anybody industry related will further erode the remnants of my mental stability.However,if there is anybody who still wants to contact me,please call Tracy Lynn at Metro Traffic and she'll forward any message to me.The only other thing I can say is that if there was ever anybody out there that wanted to see me out of the radio industry,your wishes have been fufilled.I hope you're happy.
Matt Nicholls aka John Elliott
USA - Wednesday, June 13, 2001 at 20:29:09 (EDT)
I must apologize, for I have not heard of this WPGC before. I also do not have anyone on the higher floors monitoring you twenty-four hours a day so that we can instantly duplicate your promotions on KYS. I want to assure you of this. Would this face lie? As for the your so-called lifeless sound on WCDX, I must protest. We have two excellent engineers left in the entire city of Richmond. I believe both of them are named John.
Katherine Hewes <>
Lanham, MD USA - Wednesday, June 13, 2001 at 20:06:24 (EDT)
Momma Hughes, you are soooo right. PGC is loud and proud as always. I can't help notice, though, on my occasional trips back to Richmond that CDX sounds limp, lifeless, and uninspiring; like a limp noodle. I had it sounding like John Holmes. What happened???
Jeff Loughridge
Alexandria, VA USA - Wednesday, June 13, 2001 at 19:57:24 (EDT)
WRCL, I have noticed that you were playing with your processing today. It seems the OLDIES setting on the good 'ol 8200 doesn't quite cut it. If you don't watch it I'll have Jeff make CDX louder... oh wait... he's at PGC now. Doh!
Katherine Hewes <>
Lanham, MD USA - Wednesday, June 13, 2001 at 19:00:02 (EDT)
WGRX-FM THUNDER COUNTRY 104.5 is DAMN GOOD! Richmonders, you can pick it up just north of the Atlee-Elmont Exit on I-95 and as far west as Louisa Co. It's COUNTRY THAT ROCKS! (Kudos to Jeff Beck & Tara Hunter on a terrific debut)
Avid Fan
Richmond, VA USA - Wednesday, June 13, 2001 at 17:23:14 (EDT)
WRCL, your new format is unacceptable. I demand you return to an Oldies format immediately. If you not, I shall be forced to send Alfred after you.
Katherine Hewes <>
Lanham, MD USA - Wednesday, June 13, 2001 at 17:15:05 (EDT)
Not much Lassman can do. He's being squeezed from both directions. Just a matter of time now, so he may as well cut staff. At least they can squeeze out a little profit before they flip.
USA - Wednesday, June 13, 2001 at 15:49:49 (EDT)
No axe to grind has summed up the XL PD more eloquently than anyone else. What I simply cannot reconcile is how good guys and good radio guys like Bill Drake and Joe Ziragusa can have their formats flipped, while guys like Lassman still manage to keep their phony baloney jobs.
Husker Du
USA - Wednesday, June 13, 2001 at 15:35:23 (EDT)
no axe to grind . . . kudos on a right on post
USA - Wednesday, June 13, 2001 at 15:33:12 (EDT)
We here at Klein,Meyers & associates believe Richmond Radio would benefit greatly in the addition of Klein and Meyers in the Morning. If you are interested please call our agent SKIP @ (757)497-2000. Thank you and have a lovely day!!!!
New York, NY USA - Wednesday, June 13, 2001 at 14:04:58 (EDT)
Good to see you on the board...drop me an e-mail sometime!!!!!
Mike Meyers <>
Stockton, CA USA - Wednesday, June 13, 2001 at 14:00:43 (EDT)
Mike Meyers <>
Stockton, CA USA - Wednesday, June 13, 2001 at 13:59:22 (EDT)
This board gets posts from people who's lives have been ruined by bad decisions, inept managers and sad but simple twists of fate. That's not my story. I have no axe to grind regarding John Lassman. He has not directly effected my life or my career HOWEVER - I have been able to observe him closely every day since he's been on the job and allow me to say that I have NEVER seen a more INEPT, untalented, miserable excuse for a radio station employee than John Lassman. Take an aspect of the program director's job - any aspect from music to people to, well you get my point. Now let's look at John and his ability in that area. It's non-existant. I now watch him as if he were a bad FOX TV show about the world's worst program director. I love radio. I've been in the business since 1974. I adore the medium. At it's best it is the best medium there is. At it's worst there's people like Lassman. Low rent carnies with the humanity of a planeria and the intellect of a euglena. The feeling of simply watching him and his effect on the talented, decent people who break their backs to do the best job they can under shockingly adverse conditions and not being able to do anything about it can only be equated to what it must have been like to witness child abuse and be able to do nothing to stop it. Why is this man being allowed to make good people's lives miserable. Who is the idiot in upper management who thinks this is a good idea? Again, I have no direct business with him, but I'm close enough to watch him hourly, listen to his gruff, sloppy conversations and often slap my forehead in disbelief after I hear him make a decision that's obviously wrong. I myself will be leaving the building later today and not coming back, and that's a whole other story and I can live with that, but I did want to add my two cents and say that my heart goes out to those I leave behind who must suffer under his rule. Sorry this was so long-winded, I could simply have said, " I watch Lassman everyday and he's an idiot, " but I had a few minutes to kill and I wanted to express myself intelligently.
No Axe to Grind - but been there
USA - Wednesday, June 13, 2001 at 13:01:39 (EDT)
Forget dance music. Lets talk about real music. I haven't listend to Richmond radio since John Lassmans decision to ax the Metal File at night time. I called to complain and talked to the fat bi@#h myself. He said "Specialty programming like the Metal File and Sunday night Dead have no place onthe air." Where did this guy come from? He destroyed everything that was cool about XL102. I refuse to listen to Richmond radio as long as it continues to be so corporate. If Cox or Radio 1 or even Clear Channel has the balls to do something different, you know something that the community actually wants, I'll listen. But untill then, I'm sticking to internet radio and satelite radio. Oh and to Default, Ace of Base,Quad City DJ's,Nelly,Big Pun,Real McCoy,La Bouche,Dream,Samantha Mumba,Destiny's Child,Jade,Jennifer Lopez,Haddaway,Lou Bega,Mandy Moore,Britney Spears,Madonna,N'sync,BSB,Jay Z,Eminem,Coolio,Snoop............Are not dance music artist. They are POP ARTIST who have tunes you can dance to. Real dance music is just as obscure and underground as Metal. That's what makes it cool. Not radio, not MTV. Hell, I'm a metal head and I can respect that.
Jacob Arrington <>
Richmond, VA USA - Wednesday, June 13, 2001 at 12:13:05 (EDT)
Deja Vu is the first jock on The Beat. She'll be on this afternoon. Reminds me a little bit of Dee Dee (from Star 107). Radio One's plan really fell through. It seems that the Powerhouse can't take competition. Pretty stupid to launch Hot 99-3 with Power leaning more younger in the afternoons and nights. Hey, remember when Aaron Maxwell was at WCDX? The middays were definitely boring and afternoons had one too many Jammin' Oldies. Nights were the only part barely listenable. Then J100 came, it opened doors for Richmond, but the signal wasn't cutting it. That was axed for a simulcast of The River, which you could hear it on 105.7 clear as crap (Another stupid move for R1). Then the River was axed for a better sound for Magic 99.3 to become Magic 105.7. 100.3 was sold to Honolulu Broadcasting, which is LMA'd by Cox, and after 30 days of stunting with 4 country songs, became "Cat Country 100.3". R1 got word of CC flipping 106.5 to Urban, so in order to protect the Powerhouse, launched Hot 99.3. But that wasn't stopping Clear "All about the money and how we can stretch it" Channel. 106-5 The Beat debuted, going straight after Power, and now they already have 1 jock. I like Urban, but 99.3 and 92.1 overlap each other, and I think R1 made a bad move by launching Hot. I mean, Power 92 is so strong with 18-34 AAs Women and young adults, why did they have to feel like they were being threatned in the early run by The Beat? The Beat will take away a few of demos from Power, but with Russ Parr and a few key elements, Power will hold on to its 18-34 AA Women. I'm pretty sure the young adults will flock to The Beat, but that doesn't matter. They need to grab 18-34's, and frankly, I don't see that happening. But hey, that's just my opinion.
USA - Wednesday, June 13, 2001 at 11:07:47 (EDT)
It's great to see Tony Fernandez on the board. I believe that I have known Tony since he came to Richmond 12 years ago and I was working with EastCoast Entertainment. What a talented Club DJ. Tony is also one of the nicest and most dependable DJ's I have known. He loves what he does and it shows. His knowledge of music as well as his mixing ski9lls are unsurpassed in this area. Good luck Tony and great to see your still plugging away!
Jim Herring <>
Richmond, VA USA - Wednesday, June 13, 2001 at 09:26:21 (EDT)
Jeff & Lisa, thanks for the props. And to Bluto... I'm not trying to pick a fight here. Just trying to keep an open dialog. With that said... Don't make generalizations that foster and perpetuate stereotypes. That is wrong and counter-productive. I agree that race isn't and shouldn't be a factor. Not trying to make it one. But you are making these grand generalizations with no real base in fact. You are saying that to fully appreciate dance music, you have to have a light show, killer sound system and access to chemical enhancement; be it alcohol, weed, X, etc. And since you can't do that in your car, dance music has no reason to be on the radio. Come on! Are you kidding me? You are forget the basic component of what dance muusic is... MUSIC. Weather someone likes it or thinks it's good or not is not relevant here. Radio is constantly playing crappy songs under the umbrella of Pop (popular) music. Dance music is just another form of music. Why should it be regulated to the underground? There are so many outlets were dance music is already infilltrating the public: Movies, televison, commercials, bummper music on shows all the time. People aren't that stupid or naive... even in Richmond. I haven't been a working club DJ in Richmond for over 12 years for nothing. I have learned, with the right programming, even dance music can be introduced, played, and accepted. At least I have the intestinal fortitude to take a chance, believe in something, and support a type of music that is not negative, not misogynistic, and not violent. Bluto, you have your reasons for not playing dance music on the radio. I have no problem with that. But don't spread your thoughts when your thoughts aren't based on fact. I'm not trying to change your mind. I'm just trying to not have you poison every one else's mind. Dance music should be on the radio right there with pop, rap, r&b, etc. It's music and it should be heard. I'm off to work. Musically yours, Tony
Tony Fernandez <>
Richmond, VA USA - Wednesday, June 13, 2001 at 09:22:03 (EDT)
USA - Wednesday, June 13, 2001 at 08:18:55 (EDT)
I bought Cassie's airline ticket. Now She doesn't seem to want to be here.Cassie, Billy LOVES you!!!
Huh?, USA - Wednesday, June 13, 2001 at 05:27:52 (EDT)
Bluto,Lisa,Tony. Please do more than flatter them. As in exile them. Period. Unless Cassie is around.
All who love to party with you! <Not them>
USA - Wednesday, June 13, 2001 at 02:58:09 (EDT)
Tony, sorry to see club 107 get pulled, you are a very talented DJ and you put together some of the coolest mixes I've heard. You will do fine, you've got the right stuff. I guess I'm bumbed out because I would just sit there for two hours on the board and click the mouse to make the comercials play, that was two of the easiest hours I've ever pulled. Maybe I'll see you @ the warehouse that my band rehearses at. I'm pretty sure that you guys store you audio equipment in that same warehouse. Techno, House and Dance music, have prospered in Boston for many years by a Club DJ (like you) who converted over to radio, his name is Vinnie Peruzzi, and he worked his show @ Kiss 108 and Star 93.7-- I'm not sure where he is now, but I would guess he's still makin it happen. Talented people may loose a few fights but they always win the battle. I was proud to be associated with club 107 even if only to click a mouse.
jeff alexander <>
richmond, va USA - Wednesday, June 13, 2001 at 01:06:02 (EDT)
Hey kids...

Someone has been using my name in vain. None of the postings on this page (except this one) are from me. I'm glad to have heard from old friends nonetheless. G'bye.
Mike Anderson <>
St. Louis, MO USA - Wednesday, June 13, 2001 at 00:30:56 (EDT)

Tony Fernandez, the ultimate Club DJ wrote:

"Dance music is out there, it's just below the surface. Dance music in the USA is heard at the clubs because there is no other vehicle. 18 years ago the only place you could hear rap was in the clubs too."

Tony, playing radio edits of serious dance or rap music on the air is like screwing while wearing three condoms. It was the same while playing full mixes of disco years ago. I know...I tried to play the radio edits of disco music and learned the hard way. The argument remains that the environment is the basis for the success of any kind of club music.

Lights, sounds and "mind alteration" HAS to be included in the mix. Acid, weed, X, booze, whatever, if it's used, it's part of the game. Race is not part of it, and shouldn't be. And if you have any brains at all, you don't use mind-altering materials on the way to and from work, which is where most radio listening is done.

Now go and burn a CD with your favorites on it like a nice all the rest of us. Listen to THAT in your car.

USA - Wednesday, June 13, 2001 at 00:24:50 (EDT)

What do you mean Club 107 has been pulled? Who was the genius behind that? Javier and Tony were innovators in this market that made Party Radio Q94 sound like Romper Room. Both Z104 stations play mixed dance music on the weekends. Why is Richmond so freakin' conservative? Javier, please bring Club 107 back to another club soon!!!!
Lisa <>
Richmond, VA USA - Tuesday, June 12, 2001 at 23:32:23 (EDT)
<"You can hear dance music AT A CLUB where it's supposed to be heard." Most radio programmers figured that out twenty-five years ago. It's why disco stations tanked back then and why most dance-based stations will tank now. Dance music's success is based on the environment in which it's heard. Clubs=YES; radio=NO. Dropping EX is not the same at home, without the loud and lights. Get it? Bluto> I would like to respond to this post. I want to first say I do respect different opinions and I encourage the exchange of ideas... but I can not just sit and allow dance music to be put into a bad light. I have been a DJ for 19 years and a club DJ in Richmond for over 12 years. I have broken more songs in Richmond clubs than radio ever has. And guess where they got heard... at a club. What does it mean that "dance music dosen't belong on radio"? Didn't somebody say the same thing about Hip-Hop and Rap a few decades ago? And now Hip-Hop out sells all other forms of music. Heck, there's a new urban station in town now!!!!! And I know radio doesn't play music because it's good. Radio plays music to make money. I do not understand how anyone can say ANY form of music shouldn't be on the radio. I don't understand how some one can make the comment, "Dance music's success is based on the environment in which it's heard. Dropping EX is not the same at home, without the loud and lights." So does that mean that only rednecks with pick-up trucks and the rebel flag listen to Lynard Skynard? That people who listen to reaggae music do weed? That only gay people listen to broadway show tunes? That only angry black people listen to rap music? What kind of assinine statement is that? So according to Bluto, dance music is only a vehicle to drop X. So what do people smoke when the Grateful Dead is playing? or Miles Davis? or Ricky Martin? I'm sorry Mr. Bluto, youe comment has no value and no substance. It is short- sighted, prejudicial, ill-informed, and ignorant. Dance music is on radio: Ace of Base, Crystal Waters, Ce Ce Peniston, Armand Van Heldon, ATC, Robin S, Whitney Houston, Cher, Amber, and Madonna are all dance artist who embrace dance music. Not to mention all the other Pop artists that commission dance remixes of the radio/album versions of songs. Dance music is out there, it's just below the surface. Dance music in the USA is heard at the clubs because there is no other vehicle. 18 years ago the only place you could hear rap was in the clubs too. Now a lot of you my feel that rap should of stayed there... :-) But it didn't. It became popular and became mainstream. Radio was forced to pay attention. Why can't the same thing be done with dance music? I don't want this post to go on forever. I'm pretty sure I've pushed some buttons. At least I hope I have. Musically yours, Tony
Tony Fernandez <>
Richmond, VA USA - Tuesday, June 12, 2001 at 23:30:31 (EDT)
Thor, chill... I aint got time for those gay games of yours... U dont know me.. And Im ghost... peace..
Brian T. <>
Murfreesboro, NC USA - Tuesday, June 12, 2001 at 23:04:57 (EDT)
"You can hear dance music AT A CLUB where it's supposed to be heard."

Most radio programmers figured that out twenty-five years ago. It's why disco stations tanked back then and why most dance-based stations will tank now. Dance music's success is based on the environment in which it's heard. Clubs=YES; radio=NO. Dropping EX is not the same at home, without the loud and lights. Get it?
USA - Tuesday, June 12, 2001 at 22:33:23 (EDT)

Actually, they are doing it to counter balance Power and 99, so that WRVQ can do well. Look for Q94 to drop the urban records post haste. Will it work? I don't think so. 107 is on the hunt. Richmond is thriving for something new and fresh.
Richmond, VA USA - Tuesday, June 12, 2001 at 22:12:17 (EDT)
Finally a real posting from Thor....Thor was sad to see 106.5 leave the air. Thor knows CC is doing it to insure several things. First they will finally be able to sell it nationally, two they can help 98 take over the number one slot. Third, they can make idiots like Brian T happy. Now Thor asks Brian T to start a Murfreesboro radio website, oh Thor forgot, that town doesn't have electricity yet. Thor wishes Brian would go back to where he came from. Thor also has a word for Gary Robbins........idiot. Thor is brave, Thor is wise, Thor likes to clean her nostrils with her finger.
Thor <>
Short Pump, Va USA - Tuesday, June 12, 2001 at 22:07:13 (EDT)
What's going on with Richmond radio??? In the morning, I'd listen to B103, Cool 106.5 or Q94. -Eric and Tara just get to me. B103 is offically banned (by me) in the morning. (By the way, who made up "The B103 Morning Show"??? Some creative genius, I guess.) -Why did Cool go? That was the only station my grandma would THINK of listening to. She says it's the only radio station with "clean music". -Jeff Wicker gets worse everyday. I can't stand him... almost as bad as Eric Summers. My mother just recommended STAR 107. PLEASE GET RID OF ERIC AND TARA AND BRING BACK AND OLDIES FORMAT... SOMEONE... PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Scott <>
Midlothian, VA USA - Tuesday, June 12, 2001 at 21:50:30 (EDT)
Fly on the wall, go to any other market and you will hear dance and techno on radio stations every Friday and Saturday night. 104.5 in Norfolk, and 104.1 in DC just to name a couple. Don't tell me it does not belong on the radio. Im sure you are sorry Oldies 106.5 is gone too. That's what isn't selling.
Just a listener <>
RICHMOND, VA USA - Tuesday, June 12, 2001 at 21:08:37 (EDT)
Actually, Fly, dance music does work on the radio. If it doesn't, please explain to me the success of Ace of Base,Quad City DJ's,Nelly,Big Pun,Real McCoy,La Bouche,Dream,Samantha Mumba,Destiny's Child,Jade,Jennifer Lopez,Haddaway,Lou Bega,Mandy Moore,Britney Spears,Madonna,N'sync,BSB,Jay Z,Eminem,Coolio,Snoop etc. As for the new station. What a shame that CC does it again. Yet more bloodshed in the name of profit. Or should I say 'prophet'? Richmond radio was once a blooming rose garden, that has now been filled with acid, due to Clear Channels methods. It will destroy the beauty that once was, and kill any chance of regrowth. I hope everyone crosses the street, and wins.
Richmond, VA USA - Tuesday, June 12, 2001 at 21:08:23 (EDT)
Sorry everyone. I hit the submit button befor I ran my spell check. That's what I get for being in a hurry.
Fly on the wall
Richmond, USA - Tuesday, June 12, 2001 at 20:42:45 (EDT)
Hey Just a Listener, You can hear dance music AT A CLUB where it's supposed to be heard. Don't get me wrong. I love dance and Techno, but not on the radio. That's part of the mystique of dance music. You can only hear real dance music at a club. Obviously Q and 107 have figured out that dance music dosen't sell on the radio. Especially not in Richmond. And stop complaining about 80's music. If you knew anything about it you would realise that most of the "dance" tunes that you love so much are actuall knock off covers of classic 80's tunes. Also, look around in the market place. You'll find that 80's style stations are selling very well. I applaud 107's choice of format.
Fly on the wall
Richmond, VA USA - Tuesday, June 12, 2001 at 20:40:45 (EDT)
106.5 The Beat is nice.. Reminds me of a friend that was named WSOJ "J100.3", Home of the Flava... Darn I miss them.. Whoever is gonna PD 106.5, keep it tight.. aight.. And to all those jack-offs who are talking junk about my spelling of the word "grammar", that spelling is what would be called slang = meaning that I dont care how it should be spelled. So once again, I will tell you, WARNING : Bad "Grammer" Below.... Peace
Brian T. <>
Murfreesboro, NC USA - Tuesday, June 12, 2001 at 20:39:02 (EDT)
"I know I can do it. All it takes is willpower. I've made it 28 hours now without hearing "Brandi", "Monday Monday" or "Brother Love's Traveling Salvation Show" at least twelve times. Cool 106.5 withdrawl is tough, but I know I can make it. I know I can, I know I can." Seriously, I'm gonna miss Scott, Bill, Joe and the rest of the Cool gang. Like Greg said earlier, you guys are a class act. I know it wont be long before your picked up by a another station or stations. Funny thing, but if Cool had run just one more month, it would have been exactly ten years that WVGO as "Oldies 106" also dropped their Oldies format. Deja Vu? Hmmmmm! Big John
Big John
Ivy, VA USA - Tuesday, June 12, 2001 at 20:08:16 (EDT)
No Radio guru, I disagree, during the week, Star 107 plays mostly 80's, Id say at least 80%. Then they will throw in a Destiny's Child or Backstreet Boys or something current maybe once or twice an hour. Thats about it. It seems to me, everyday they eliminate a current song for another 80's. Then they have the all 80's at 8 and all 80's weekend. Im no expert, but I wouldn't be surprised if that station hasn't lost many listeners since they changed from Dance Hits.
just a listener <>
Richmond, VA USA - Tuesday, June 12, 2001 at 19:52:58 (EDT)
Star 107.3FM hasn't gone "all 80's", instead it has all 80's weekends. During the work week they mix in tunes from the 90's and current hits. Again it is nice to have a station that has variety and not the same few popular songs played over and over and over til they are run into the ground and you can't stand to hear them any longer.
No Radio Guru
USA - Tuesday, June 12, 2001 at 19:32:13 (EDT)
Now that CLUB 107 is gone for 80's crap and Q94 canned the "12 noon High energy workout" as well as "Party Radio", where can you hear dance music now?
Richmond, VA USA - Tuesday, June 12, 2001 at 19:17:04 (EDT)
Didn't know about the change at 99.3. Listening now and sounds really good. What is Power 92 going to do now that there are two stations in this market which play better music? That being 106.5 and 99.3
Radio Kid
Richmond, VA USA - Tuesday, June 12, 2001 at 18:43:02 (EDT)
Switching 99.3 to Hip Hop was an attempt by Radio One to dissuade Clear Channel from firing up a 50kw boomin' system and robbing them of listeners and advertisers. It must not have worked very well.... 106.5 is definitely boomin' now. It'll be interesting to see the station develop. Anybody know who the PD is yet?
Observer <>
Richmond, VA USA - Tuesday, June 12, 2001 at 18:34:15 (EDT)
Why is Radio One trying to cannibalize its own Power 92 audience with Hot 99.3?
Richmond, VA USA - Tuesday, June 12, 2001 at 18:08:23 (EDT)
Tony T, you are and always will be 'DA MAN!!! It was a pleasure working with you on Club 107. You brought a fresh new flava to richmond radio on Saturday nights! I also want to thank our loyal listeners for their support and encouraging words over the past few months. I can't really say why Club 107 was pulled but I will say that I will not bring back Club 107 to another club with another DJ. What we had was special and cannot be duplicated elsewhere! I had a blast doing Club 107 and I'm glad to have been a part of Richmond Radio history!
Javier <>
- Tuesday, June 12, 2001 at 17:37:12 (EDT)
I agree Listener, if 106.5 keeps more in the direction of Z104(Norfolk, it will bring down Power 92 and Q94's ratings. The big difference between Power 92 and 106.5 seems to be that 92.1 plays more "slow jamz".
Radio Kid
Richmond, VA USA - Tuesday, June 12, 2001 at 17:36:46 (EDT)
Hey gang. I was introduced to this page by a friend. Seems like there's a lot going on. I just wanted to post a thank you in reference to the comment about the Club 107 show. I am the DJ that mixed the show and played the music. If you all out there don't know... the plug has been pulled for Club 107. I don't really know the real reason. I imagine it's because the station probably feels that dance music and 80's & 90's can't co-exhist on the same dial. I must say that it was fun while it lasted. It was nice to be able to play dance music and bring it to the masses on a large commercial stage. It was nice to be able to do a LIVE mix show not some pre-produced MTV Party-to-Go crap. I am glad to have been a part of Richmond radio history. Thank you for your support. Musically yours, Tony "DJ TonyT" Fernandez
Tony <>
Richmond, VA USA - Tuesday, June 12, 2001 at 17:13:16 (EDT)
Mike, I can't seem to get your web-site up on my computer. right?
Interested in Site
Richmond, VA USA - Tuesday, June 12, 2001 at 16:39:53 (EDT)
Holy crap! All of a sudden, I love this market! Since I'm a Mainstream, Urban, and Rhythmic fan, this is a field day for me! Hot 99-3, all Hip Hop (how long will this last?, J100 got scrapped just as I got attached), 106-5 The Beat Rhythmic/Urban (and they're going straight after Power-"The Power's Played Out, Turn on the Beat!"), and of course, the Powerhouse. Power 92 could be in a run for their money. I'm guessing if Hot doesn't grab it first, Doug Banks could be in mornings. The Beat & Hot just got a new listener. Sure, Power may have the marketing (and maybe jocks) and is in touch with the community, but you can't knock the music. As I'm typing, I heard the slogan for The Beat ("#1 for Hip Hop and R&B Flava") and Hot's (Richmond's Home of Hip Hop). Power is OK, but these two stations take the cake. Power's finally have some competition to eat at their ratings.
USA - Tuesday, June 12, 2001 at 16:29:20 (EDT)
106.5 the Beat sounds great. A lot less commericals and less slow jams than 92.1. It sounds a lot like Norfolk's 104.5. Definite competition for Power 92. And regarding 107.3, it sounds like they have almost completely gone ALL 80's, which sucks!
Just A Listener <>
Richmond, Va USA - Tuesday, June 12, 2001 at 16:17:46 (EDT)
Response to Scott Stevens: Anytime! Good luck with your next venture.
Greg Breeden <>
USA - Tuesday, June 12, 2001 at 16:04:27 (EDT)
Anybody know the status of the former Cool 106.5 staff? There were a lot of good people over there. Are they going to be reassigned within the Richmond CC umbrella?
Frog Level, VA USA - Tuesday, June 12, 2001 at 13:40:56 (EDT)
From & Style Weekly trying to locate Tonya St. Romain . . An Internet search on St. Romain returns only one reference to her, on a Richmond Web site where local radio insiders trade news and gossip. In January, someone writing under the name ?walking encyclopedia? wrote: ?By the way, speaking of Channel 6, I?ve noticed that new reporter Tonya St. Romain, is she HOT or what??
Richmond, VA USA - Tuesday, June 12, 2001 at 08:50:27 (EDT)
Thor is wise. Thor is tan. Thor can spell.
Thor <>
Short Pump, USA - Tuesday, June 12, 2001 at 01:15:02 (EDT)
For the love of God, would you please learn how to spell? Ex., Foresite, grammer. This is ridiculous! I realize that the average radio professional did not complete their higher education, but have you not heard of the spell check function on your word processor? Please, refrain from speaking in public if you do not possess the ability.
Richmond , VA USA - Tuesday, June 12, 2001 at 01:09:06 (EDT)
CLEAR CHANNEL Oldies WRCL (COOL 106.5)/RICHMOND went silent at 3p today. It returned to the air at 5p today with as Urban "106-5 THE BEAT" featuring a straight ahead Hip Hop and Urban mix, aimed squarely at RADIO ONE's POWER 92. It's the market's only 50kw Urban outlet with full market coverage and it will announce a new PD, shortly. That PD will select the airstaff.
All Access
USA - Tuesday, June 12, 2001 at 00:06:45 (EDT)
Thor misses Roger St John.
Thor <>
Short Pump, Va USA - Monday, June 11, 2001 at 23:19:34 (EDT)
Just some thoughts...I have listened to Star 107.3FM since it switched to the 80's and current hits format. I must say it is quite nice to listen to a radio station and not hear the same songs played every two to three hours or even the same songs played everyday. The variety of songs played is entertaining and the on air staff does a great job. This shows the difference between locally owned radio stations and nationally owned radio stations. Hopefully Star will do well and gain a strong listener base. ...
No Radio Guru
USA - Monday, June 11, 2001 at 23:11:46 (EDT)
I know I'm gay and there's something on you I'd like to phil
USA - Monday, June 11, 2001 at 22:27:38 (EDT)
You know you're gay when your name is Phil.
Richmond, VA USA - Monday, June 11, 2001 at 22:19:45 (EDT)
You know you're in truble when you can't spell truble
USA - Monday, June 11, 2001 at 22:17:00 (EDT)
Anyone out there believe in the existance of Yetis? The native Americans called them Sasquatch. In the northwest, they're called Bigfoot. I saw the posterior markings and the waste remains of a Yeti when I was traveling in Tibet with a Sherpa guide named Tsi Fung Wah. After we bedded down for the night under the skies of Katmandu I heard their distinctive plaintive wails and they have haunted me ever since. I bring this up because I think I came across a Yeti at an XL 102 remote 2 weeks ago at a car dealership on Midlothian. They took a coolie and a keychain and left droppings near the front of the diner.
Norm Kodesh
USA - Monday, June 11, 2001 at 22:14:54 (EDT)
Re "Fly Like an Eagle". Hey Somers, are you sure it wasn't the Seal version? Hey Greg Breeden, thanks for the kind words. Hey listener, Bill Baker went back home to Syracuse.
Scott Stevens <>
USA - Monday, June 11, 2001 at 22:12:10 (EDT)
You know you're in trouble when you can't spell grammar.
Richmond, VA USA - Monday, June 11, 2001 at 22:03:22 (EDT)
Sorry for typos, eyes are tired from clearing out house files!
USA - Monday, June 11, 2001 at 21:58:50 (EDT)
There's nothing odd about Magic 105.7 playing the Steve Miller Band at all! It's something that was done at Urban stations for a long while. In the late 70's and mid-80's when I worked at WILD-Boston, WBMX-Chicago and KKDA-Dallas; The Stones, Steely Dan, Steve Miller Band, Boz Scaggs and several other artists of that genre often found themselves on Urban Charts. The artists certainly didn't complain as it gave them a broad cross-over audience. The late Sunny Joe White was infamous for "intergrating" the playlists at WILD-Boston (prior to his tremendous tenure at KISS-108/Boston). Steve Crumbley had the foresite to do the same when he came to WILD. The late Frankie Crocker helped WBLS/NY rocket to the top and finally topple WABC (Music Radio '77) from their number 1 spot by doing the same. Just because a station has an Urban Format, doesn't mean it can't rock now and then.
Lark <>
USA - Monday, June 11, 2001 at 21:52:21 (EDT)
Thanks, Big John! (You too Smart A$$) My mistake on the frequency being 99.3 instead of 99.5 for the Washington, DC station. I knew that I'd heard the calls WJMO somewhere before. So now 106.5 has changed again. I went through four of 106's evolutions. I started there right after it changed from WRFK to WVMX (Mix 106). After about a year or so it became the extremely short-lived "MX 106.5"(two weeks if I recall correctly), then "Oldies 106" and finally I was there in the early days of "Richmond's Modern Rock,WVGO" until I eventually returned to Charlottesville to do afternoon drive at WCYK. Looks like the format wheel will never stop spinning for 106.5, huh? Sad that it means so many good people like Scott Stevens and the rest of the Cool airstaff get the boot, or will they be possibly placed elsewhere? Good hearing from you again Big John. Drop me a line and keep in touch.
Greg Breeden <>
USA - Monday, June 11, 2001 at 19:52:52 (EDT)
WARNING: Bad Grammer Below
Brian T. <>
Murfreesboro, NC USA - Monday, June 11, 2001 at 19:44:37 (EDT)
Observer, I guess the new "106-5 The Beat" is gives the need for two trips to the captial city(with the new 99.3 included)... Maybe instead of taking I-95, I will use I-64... Power 92 will have alot of new competition... They can hold in down though.. Peace
Brian T. <>
Murfreesboro, NC USA - Monday, June 11, 2001 at 19:19:01 (EDT)
CORRECTION: WRCL is 7.6 kw B at 1233'.
Observer <>
Richmond, VA USA - Monday, June 11, 2001 at 18:43:04 (EDT)
WRCL Cool 106.5 is now The New 106-5 The Beat! Playing R&B/Hip Hop. Sounds like their going right after WCDX Power 92. One of the sweeps said, "Turn off the power, turn on the beat!" This will be interesting with WRCL's 50kw signal. How many Urban station's can one market support?
Observer <>
Richmond, VA USA - Monday, June 11, 2001 at 18:39:07 (EDT)
Mark, thanks for the info about the new Hip-Hop station in Richmond... Somebody must have heard what Clear-Channel did in Norfolk... (The same thing, opened a new station)... Now I guess I will take a trip up I-95 and get a listen... Peace
Brian T. <>
Murfreesboro, NC USA - Monday, June 11, 2001 at 18:15:36 (EDT)
Since Magic 105.7 seems to be one of the topics du jour, does anyone know why they played "Fly Like an Eagle" by Steve Miller this morning? That song never really stuck me as an "urban" oldie. Is it something as sinister as a pending format change or as simple as the jock cueing up the wrong cut on a CD. By the way, I had the pleasure of working with Roger St. John and thought he was one of the nicest guys you could ever meet around a radio station. His untimely death was a real tragedy. Also, I now have the pleasure of working with Jason Paige and I don't understand why folks are saying those nasty things about him. He's cool, take the trouble to get to know him. He's part of a dying breed of radio professionals, a hell of a production guy and understands a lot more about that Prophet system than any 10 jocks put together. He's taught me most of what I've learned about it.
Bob Somers <>
Richmond, VA USA - Monday, June 11, 2001 at 15:01:52 (EDT)
Greg! WJMO-FM was at 99.5 in DC until the change to WIHT about a month or so ago. Prior to that, they were WGAY as in Connie B. Gay a former owner and radio pioneer in DC. Used to be a beautiful music station and light AC before switching to the now defunct "Jammin' Oldies" format. Good hearing from you buddy.
Big John
Ivy, VA USA - Monday, June 11, 2001 at 14:09:31 (EDT)
No it wasn't for Jammin' 99-3, but JAM'N 99.5 in D.C. before HOT 99.5 came and did...nothing...yet.
USA - Monday, June 11, 2001 at 14:06:17 (EDT)
Oh, and nez, when did Power 92 ever blow up (recently)? I have always heard more about Q94 than Power 92. I even hear more about XL, WRVA and Lite. B103 is talked about more too. I haven't heard much about Power 92 in years! I think Katie only did promotions there for 2 years. Back in the day it was talked about all the time, 7 to 10 years ago. Correct if wrong b/c I am not a Power 92 guru and could be wrong!
Richmond, VA USA - Monday, June 11, 2001 at 13:09:20 (EDT)
Looking Glass, great story and comparison with Barry! Also, Jason Paige is a great guy. He knows how to sell a station or club night and goes above and beyond with everything he does. Also, as far as requests, those lines can get pretty hectic and I am not in programming and don't want to act like I know but I think all music is preprogrammed except for only a few slots, right? So requests aren't always played right away. Correct me if I'm wrong! Oh, and the bench is outback by the door by Randall's office! And poor Linda, I liked her as a person but didn't get a chance to work with her very long at Basie! And she is no longer unemployed!
Richmond, VA USA - Monday, June 11, 2001 at 13:02:03 (EDT)
Wasn't the call letters "WJMO" (now used on 105.7) formerly the calls for "Jammin' 99.3" in DC before they flipped to CHR? I remember Roger St. John. Unfortunately I never had the opportunity to work with or even meet him, but I always admired his work and never knew anyone to speak badly of him. There was a jock at Q94 back in the mid 70's that called himself "Doctor Rock" does anyone remember him? Walking Encyclopedia, I'd bet you know what's the word on the "Doc" these days??
Greg Breeden <>
USA - Monday, June 11, 2001 at 12:54:56 (EDT)
Thor went on to get a fabulous job outside of radio? Is there such a thing?
Frog Level, VA USA - Monday, June 11, 2001 at 09:24:38 (EDT)
Anyone know the whereabouts of former WRCL morning guy Bill Baker? Sure do miss his humor in the mornings. No offense Scott Stevens, but you sound like your bored to death most of the time.
Old Listener
VA USA - Monday, June 11, 2001 at 09:12:46 (EDT)
Radio One Gospel WPZE 99.3 (Praise 99.3) is now Hip Hop (Richmond's Home for Hip Hop- Hot 99-3). I noticed the station Sunday. Good mix of uptempo Hip Hop and uptempo R&B all night.
USA - Monday, June 11, 2001 at 08:52:55 (EDT)
Non geeky Betty
Thor <>
Short Pump, Va USA - Monday, June 11, 2001 at 08:27:01 (EDT)
Geeky Jeff, Geeeky & Wrong Gary, Geeky Robert. All geeks all the time.
Thor <>
Short Pump, Va USA - Monday, June 11, 2001 at 08:25:55 (EDT)
Jeff, Thor is't Corey Dietz. Thor USED to be the janitor at X102 when they were in the old building pre Basie Road. Took the job as janitor because he figured it was one way to break into radio. Went on to work at Q94 years ago, moved away and now has a fabulous job out of radio.
betty bodine
USA - Monday, June 11, 2001 at 08:21:31 (EDT)
I have an idea who Thor might be. An earlier message from Gary Robbins led me to a web search on the name he mentioned. One site returned in the search was maintained by a former Richmond morning jock, and might contain a clue. Thor loves to call certain people "geeky", as in "geeky Robert." That is an unusual word, and its use in the same context by the owner of another site is curious. The use I refer to is: "3. No new decorations this year but that "Star Trek" ornament geeky friend gave me some years ago - you know, the one which incessantly says "Phasers on Merry" - all of a sudden looks good!" The page/site address is The owner is Corey Deitz. Well? Spare me the "get a life" comments. It'smy time off and I'll waste it the way I want. Besides, with this OC3 I have at the house, things just zip by.
Jeff Loughridge
Alexandria, VA USA - Sunday, June 10, 2001 at 23:59:32 (EDT)
I was there when Roger St. John was around, and sadly after he passed. The bench remained out front for years, and put to much use. I find it hard to believe that Linda threw it away, she perhaps put it out back when the building was being remodeled. No matter what mean things you all wish to say anonymously about Linda, she adored Roger. She used to wipe down the bench at least once a week. Now she's out of work, and I'm sure you nay sayers are dancing gleefully on her grave. Remember, what goes around comes around. John Lassman? Is he the anti-christ you make him out to be, or just following orders from the top? Before placing blame every which way, why don't you look at CC's entire agenda? Those that do what they are told, keep their jobs. Those that don't, don't. I'm sorry Johnny lost his job, but hey, he found something else, right here in town! I say good for you Johnny. As far as bashing people, how would you feel if the tables were turned, and you read about yourself on this page, signed by someone with a cutesy little nickname. Somehow, I don't think you would appreciate it.
Don't want to lose my job, but I'm not bashing
Chesterfield, VA USA - Sunday, June 10, 2001 at 22:55:22 (EDT)
Lucas, Roger didn't make that bench, he merely put it together from a kit he got at a warehouse store. He did do it for the smokers, so they would have a place to sit outside on their 3 minute break. As for Linda.....I used to have a picture of her face in my was the only power I had over her....but that picture in my shoes was the reason I used to tap my foot in meetings, and wiggle it from side to side like I was putting out a cigarette....and it felt good!
USA - Sunday, June 10, 2001 at 21:59:50 (EDT)
I just want to lay out a few rules I think people should follow; for the most part every one already does anyway. But just for the record, here they are: Don't forget this is my page... I pay the server fees, so I get to be dictator. Speak here as if you were in my house. Don't say anything that is insulting or hurtful to another person, it doesn't accomplish anything other than to make you look childish. If you have a problem with someone take it to private email, or just ignore them. Posts that I deem childish, will be removed/edited at my discretion. I reserve the right to remove any posting at any time for any reason. Although no one has to give their real name, you do not post completely anonymously. A log file with date/time stamps and IP addresses is kept on every posting. Although I can't do it, it is possible that your post could be traced back to you. Please think about what you post before you post it. Any message involving any ongoing "legal action" should not be posted here. If you post anything that violates any court action, don't expect me to cover for you. I don't make money on this site, and am not about to go to court for you. If and when things are resolved (ie. the lawsuit is finished), then we can talk about it. Use your common sense. That's about it. All I'm asking is that you be nice and respect the other people that post here.
concerned reader
Richmond, VA USA - Sunday, June 10, 2001 at 21:57:22 (EDT)
Wow. I didn't know he made that himself. Thanks for the insight. Linda burned a lot of good people; including myself. Sorry, man.
Lucas Foxx <>
Richmond, Virginia USA - Saturday, June 09, 2001 at 22:36:47 (EDT)
I have noticed that Star 107 is still doing Club 107 Saturday night which sounds great. Its good to know Richmond has a station that still plays dance music. Hopefully Q94 will bring back Party Radio Saturday night and Friday night would be a good idea as well. Anyone agree?
Just a listener
Richmond, VA USA - Saturday, June 09, 2001 at 22:23:34 (EDT)
Lucas I will admit that the woman spoke out of both sides of her huge ass and if she did indeed throw away the very bench that roger built with his own hands then she's even a bigger a**hole than I would have ever imagined and that, my friend is enormous, the size of Greenland. If I sound bitter, it's because her terrible misjudgements, bad ideas and non-existant programming skills and understanding of XL 102's audience cost me my job and countless others endless heartache - hell, it's made your job a lot harder too, simply because if she hadn't screwed with your station you'd be working at a top 3 station today. Lucas, saviour of the plaques and benches, forgive me and from all of roger's old friends, thank you
Wait a minute
USA - Saturday, June 09, 2001 at 21:43:11 (EDT)
Concerning Roger St. John, I was there at Q when he was hired. I heard him do his training at Q on the overnight show. When he did news headlines in the middle of the night, he pronounced Henrio, Henreeeco. He was obviously not from around here, but, he was from everywhere else including WLCY-AM in Tampa, Q-105's (WRBQ)'s AM station, WABB Mobile, Alabama where he worked with likes of Bob McNeil, Scott Shannon Jeff Davis of WLS fame and more asskickers! The reason he built that bench was because he smoked so much. Ironically, that was a big part of the problem that caused his heart attack, and, his unfortunate death. I did the Eulogy at his funeral. Made a comment about how he always stepped on the weather matter how long the bed!...Roger was one in a million. He was my friend and I know he's jammin' in Rock and Roll Heaven. I hope to see him again one of these days. Tearfully, BOB-A-LOU
MECHANICSVILLE, VA USA - Saturday, June 09, 2001 at 20:39:28 (EDT)
Yes, "minute", she did praise Roger St. John at monthly meetings (not frequently, but fervently), and yes she threw everything out; every award, trophy and plaque; whether from within the company or from the community to the company; including the bench. In addition to pulling the bench out of the dumpster, I, also, salvaged a number of plaques that I will some day morph into a prizes for a listeners. (freshly engraved, of course)
I never knew Roger, most of what I know about him is from Linda's praise of him. I respect the legend she bestowed upon him.

Lucas Foxx <>
The veal was excellent, thank-you. - Saturday, June 09, 2001 at 20:10:19 (EDT)
I'd like to tie several previous threads together: Roger St. John's Bench - John Lassman's ineptitude and Johnny Young's potential as a program director. Here goes, perhaps Johnny Young will make a fine program director one day - it's hard to tell but there are two certainties: # 1. He'd be an instant improvement over XL 102's current Program Director, John Lassman. # 2. So would Roger St. John's bench. Thank you, try the veal
Mojo Jojo
USA - Saturday, June 09, 2001 at 19:13:31 (EDT)
I guess anybody can post anything they want regardless of if it's fact or fiction. When it came to ruining a radio station, Linda Forem had no equal. She singlehandedly took a market giant, XL 102 and threw away everything that had made it so successful for so many years. She dismantled it's classic rock franchise and allowed the station that is now WRXL's chief competitor, The Planet, to come onto the scene. What a fool! She inherited the market's top morning show and screwed with Jeff and Jeff for years, driving them and eventually Brian Illes crazy with her total misunderstanding and mismanagement. Simply stated, Linda Forem was ( and for all intents and purposes still is ) an idiot. But, Mr Foxx, she did not throw out Roger St. John's bench, despite your heroic claims to the contrary. She lauded St John at almost every staff meeting, established a monthly exployee of the award in his name and made that bench a shrine. Some other idiot might have tossed that bench, but it wasn't that fat assed blonde moron --- she tossed away the most successful rock station the market has ever known and for that, she should be damned for all eternity.
Wait a minute
USA - Saturday, June 09, 2001 at 18:45:34 (EDT)
Thorry, forgought to thpell check.
Lucas Foxx <>
Richmond, va USA - Saturday, June 09, 2001 at 17:50:08 (EDT)
W.E., your comments about Roger St. John make me glad I pulled that bench out of the dumpster when Linda Forem had everything in the building arbitrarily thrown out. I always thout it was a nice memorial to one of the good guys.

As for Johnny Young; I don't know about PD, yet, but Johnny worked closely with the record companies in programming the metal file, and was (is) certianly qualified for a shot at Music Director.

Lucas Foxx <>
Richmond, va USA - Saturday, June 09, 2001 at 17:45:49 (EDT)
Jason,with regards to Kat,you have to understand she's one of my best friends,and I can tell you honestly,because I was there,that she showed up on time,did her job, and took care of business everyday,plus some.She's as dedicated as they come.The jock you see everyday is the same one that was at B103.I saw the post from "Looking Glass",I'm wondering if it might really be Jym Geraci,'cause he couldn't stand Barry.The only comment I'll make is that during that period we had a lot of dumbasses in the managment web making a lot of stupid decisions over there,and most of those guys are gone now.And that's all I want to say about that.I'd take a bullet for Kat,anytime.Paul who?I've known a lot of Pauls over the years.Please specify.By the way,has our tall attractive party hopper friend that I asked you about shown up at Power Plant yet & did you get a chance to give her my regards? I hope she did.
walking encyclopedia
USA - Saturday, June 09, 2001 at 13:55:30 (EDT)
I must wonder at the transformation KTP has under gone, in as much as I have known her for years and worked directly with her for five years at Sinclair Telecable and Radio One. What I suspect has happened is that folks who didn't meet her standards of performance and attitude were given their release to persue another job. Face up to the reality people, middle management directors get their orders, too. If you "ain't with the program", you "ain't staying"! That's the credo of corporate radio and is the way Clear Channel and the others operate. Before you blow your brains out because you think you were screwed-over-and-over, take a look in the mirror and the problem is probably looking back at you.
Jon Seid <>
Wmsbg, VA USA - Saturday, June 09, 2001 at 13:28:03 (EDT)
To Little John. I didn't catch your comment about Johnny Young not being qualified for a MD position until I read the post by jockin'. It's obvious that you know nothing about anything. If you knew anything about Johnny you would know that he is more qualified to be the PD of XL102 than John Lassman could ever be. I don't know how much bull Lassman put on his resume to land that job, but I have never seen a more incompetent waste of space than this cheese head. Johnny has experience, talent and most important, he has the respect of his fellow employees. Johnny knows this town and the people who live here. I remember when I was just starting out, I would come in late at night to learn from him. He's kind, patient, knowledgeable and always ready to help. He knows more about music than Lassman knows about what he had for lunch. Johnny is all over the music scene. I have never in my life met a person who goes to as many concerts as Johnny. Ask him about a band he knows something about them. In my book Johnny will always be a class act. And Clear Channel are a bunch of fools for not utilizing him to his full potential. Not qualified you say? CHUMP!
Fly on the wall
USA - Saturday, June 09, 2001 at 13:03:18 (EDT)
Walking --- Why exactly did Kat Simons get booted from B-103? I've had the opportunity to work with her over the past year, and I think she's great. You can't beat a great jock, with a great attitude, that cooks all the time, and brings it to work! As for the listener who wasn't happy with their request line expericence, you've only called once? I know most of the people that call Q94 by name. Sure I kid around with them, and poke fun at them, or pry into they're lives. That's how you make the listener on the phone the entertainment. There are a lot of entertaining people out there just itching to call up and share a little bit of themselves, you just have to listen to them. If your conversation ends with, "yea, I'll try to get that on for you". You just missed another bit. Thanks for the props Evan! You're a great guy, and I enjoy having you help with the clubs every week. Sorry you got "arrested" the other night! Don't feel bad, one week the bouncers ran Pauly's plates on the cop's computer, then had him paged to the front door using his real name. It wasn't very cool, but I did get a good laugh out of it. Walking, do you know what the S in Paul's name stands for?
Jason Paige <>
Glen Allen, VA USA - Saturday, June 09, 2001 at 13:01:38 (EDT)
Thor!,or should I say TOM!it's odvious you haven't been in the market in years.Hemby retired from the biz back in the late 80's.He's doing very well in Retail managment.Have a nice day in Disney World in Orlando and HOOF it off this board(and why hasn't Disney laid YOUR ass off yet?)
Gary Robins
USA - Saturday, June 09, 2001 at 12:24:09 (EDT)
Thanks for the shout Jim.Please tell my friends Glen & Kevin on your staff I said hello.
walking encyclopedia
USA - Saturday, June 09, 2001 at 12:12:31 (EDT)
Thor thinks Jim Jacobs is very cute. Thor reminds Jim that W.E will give you a cliff noted version on the history of Richmond radio. Thor reminds Jim that WE is really WCN and will give you just enough information for you to get a "C" on your final exam. An "A" is out of the question. Thor is brave, Thor is wise, Thor like listening to Jim Jacobs and wants to know where Dick Hemby is these days.
Thor <>
Short Pump, Va USA - Saturday, June 09, 2001 at 12:07:25 (EDT)
Walking Encyclopedia-I have been enjoying your radio history on the boar, I would like to know more, Call or email me.
Jim Jacobs <>
Richmond, VA USA - Saturday, June 09, 2001 at 11:57:48 (EDT)
I think the call letter change on 99.3 was long overdue,longer than you might think.Few people may know that the original WPLZ calls were placed on 99.3 in 1973 when the station,then just serving the Tri-Cities area switched from WSSV-FM(it had been simulcasting it's then Top 40 sister AM station at 1240,now gospel formated WGCV)to Automated Beautiful Music(Mantovanni,101 Strings,Henry Mancini,etc),and the original idea behind the WPLZ calls were "music to please".P-L-Z short for "please"(I recall seeing stationary with a seagull and a sky blue backround from those days)When the station went Urban in 1981 I was really surprised they didn't dump the calls then.It'll be intresting to see if anybody else picks up the calls,and intresting to see if if it'll be around here.But the new call are much more on target with what they are doing now.
walking encyclopedia
USA - Saturday, June 09, 2001 at 11:01:32 (EDT)
Just a thought that I came up with (maybe I'm wrong.)Being in radio is like being a prize fighter, you work hard to be the best you can be. Along the way you get knocked out, so you play back the tape to find out what you can do better for your next fight and so it goes. Then you get a shot at Mike Tyson and he bites your ear off. OUCH! when you roll the tape you realize that you did a good job. The dude just cheated. Then you decide - quit boxing? or keep on boxing? If you really love what you do you keep on boxing, but the test of that love comes from your ability to forgive your opponent. In the end you retire with one ear and think to yourself...that match with Mike Tyson was 15 minutes of the best entertainment ever seen on HBO!....(then you go get some cream to put on your ear)
jeff alexander <>
richmond, va USA - Saturday, June 09, 2001 at 10:56:51 (EDT)
Hey Lucy,a lot of us miss Roger St.John.For those of you who never knew him,he was a great guy.One of a kind.(Those at Basie who came recently may not realize the bench out in back in the smoking area was BUILT by Roger.)
walking encyclopedia
USA - Saturday, June 09, 2001 at 10:07:11 (EDT)
Hey ! This comment is for "Little John" Um, Johnny Young is a great guy and I think he is P.D. material myself, but after working with him, you would definitely see. So don't bash someone unless you know what they are and are not capable of!!! As for Q-94'S J.P., you have rules in radio and a boss so you have to abbide by them on requests and you don't always get what you want.Request lines over a long time period is how the shit gets on the air not at that minute or hour.J.P. is an awsome jock and he is not holier than thou, so you say, so stop bashing and realize that people are only doing their job.
jockin' my chain
Richmond, Va USA - Saturday, June 09, 2001 at 09:54:37 (EDT)
The Katie P situation described is similar to the situation at B103 when Barry McKay was PD.Barry walks into his first PD job with the "iron boot" syndrome,tried to push around two different morning teams,situations that were both escalated into the GM's office,and,in the case of Mo & Sally,tipped their favor(because Mo stood his ground).Barry also tried to "mentally harrass" Chip Cook into quitting not realizing Chip would not sit back & just "take it & go quietly",Chip dragged Barry right into the GM's office & put his antics out all on the table.Chip lost,but he was given 6 months to find a new job.And Barry really took it on the chin when he released Kat Simons over a bunch of nonsense reasons,and Kat ends up at B's prime competitor,Lite 98,and scores huge ratings over her replacment Karen Rite,and raises Lite's ratings overall.Steve McCall,realizing that the bad ratings were because that B103 was in disarray and Barry had given the station a bad reputation in the market,gave Barry the boot in 1998.He's been at a lite A/C station in Seattle for the past few years,and apparently,has become kinder & mellower.The crux of this is that some people get a clue how to improve themselves & some people never do.
Looking Glass
USA - Saturday, June 09, 2001 at 09:43:12 (EDT)
Stumbled across this and thought I would share. Enjoy
Fly on the wall
USA - Saturday, June 09, 2001 at 08:03:14 (EDT)
Geez, this board has now become Richmond Radio Bash page. Another DJ getting slammed. It's highly unlikely Jason Paige acts like a prick, JP is a total pro, the way he interacts with listeners is personable and funny. What fun is it to call a station jock and just get the song request in and hang up? You want to play with the person and get them to just have fun. Grow a sense of humor guys, it helps.
Evan "tha Squeak" Neal <>
Rishmahn, VA USA - Saturday, June 09, 2001 at 07:13:27 (EDT)
Yeah, Jason is a pr*ck, but he's good on the air, so CC keeps him.(for now) Paul is gone, Lisa is gone, if I were Jason I would've walked when Lisa was fired. In the long run, it may have been the best career move of his life. Now he has to trust Billy Surf.*shudders*
Right now I'm in Henrico, Va USA - Saturday, June 09, 2001 at 06:31:56 (EDT)
RICHMOND, VA USA - Saturday, June 09, 2001 at 05:54:23 (EDT)
Erm, Johnny, no offense, but what qualifications do you have to be Music Director? Working in college radio doesn't quite qualify you, you know. I agree with the rest, give Casey a chance. Oh, and I don't like Jason Page either. I called in a request a few months ago, and he acted 'holier than thou'.
Little John
Midlothian, VA USA - Saturday, June 09, 2001 at 04:47:19 (EDT)
Aww man, I didn't spellcheck my last post, deceived, not decieved, I'm such a retard. But I was also mad at was said "Einstein" said it best so I won't beat the subject to death, let's not attack others. I was at the CopperMine and was sorta typing fast, Jason Paige I have a cool idea for next week's CopperMine torture. See ya!!
Evan "tha Squeak" Neal <>
Rishmahn, VA USA - Saturday, June 09, 2001 at 01:07:02 (EDT)
Just in defense of Casey, he is a great guy and plays by the rules. He has worked very hard to get where he is and deserves every bit of it! Kudos to you Casey!
Richmond, VA USA - Saturday, June 09, 2001 at 01:03:05 (EDT)
WPLZ-FM Majic 105.7FM has changed its call letters to WJMO-FM ... And yet another all '80s weekend at the new Star 107.3FM ...
No Radio Guru
USA - Saturday, June 09, 2001 at 00:15:56 (EDT)
Damn JADED that was a crappy post. Casey is a good guy who is working his ass off there. I would have applied for late nights but I'm so tied up in promotions and production I would have burned myself out eventually. Why don't you just continue feeling ill and decieved, you have no idea what this business is about, we all work too hard and too long but we love our jobs, good or bad. Stay off this board unless you know what you're talking about. What's up Johnny!! Heard you on Y, slammin' man, congrats!! Later Richmond radio guys!!
Evan "tha Squeak" Neal <>
Rishmahn , VA USA - Friday, June 08, 2001 at 22:55:03 (EDT)
Jasper, if you're so unhappy at CC, why don't you leave? There are some really good people here trying to learn how to work effectively in the new environment. I'll bet your b*tc#ing and whining isn't helping anyone.
Lucas Foxx <>
Richmond, va USA - Friday, June 08, 2001 at 21:13:49 (EDT)
Hey I'm the one that got booted and I agree with Einstein. Casey is a great guy and doesn't deserve that kind of criticism. I've never held any ill feelings towards Casey even though I wanted the job of music director. I think he sounds great on the air and given the chance I think he could put together some of the best shows on the air. But then again, I think the same of all the part times. Sharon, Evan, Eddie. All of them. If given the chance they could all put a hurtin' on the competition. P.S. I spell checked this. Hope I didn't miss anything.
Johnny Young <>
Richmond, VA USA - Friday, June 08, 2001 at 21:06:42 (EDT)
I agree with Einstein. Casey is just doing what he is told to do.
Lucas Foxx <>
Richmond, va USA - Friday, June 08, 2001 at 20:53:36 (EDT)
Since it's not required to leave one's true identity on this site, any self-serving loser can say anything they wish under the guise of a JADED LISTENER. I refer to the post below that starts " Casey as the overnight DJ? " and goes on to insult him and suggest replacements who could do a better job. I submit that one of those suggestions is the JADED LISTENER who's disingenuous thank you to the peeps that turned him onto this site couldn't be more transparent. It's gutless losers like you who make me ashamed to call you a co-worker. You certainly aren't a teammate. Perhaps you might consider that you're as phoney on the air as you are in your post and everyone listening can see through your false hipness and hear you for the talentless creep you are. If you have something to say, have the balls to say it without pretense. If you wanted the overnight job and didn't get it, say so -yours was the most pathetic post of the year. Sorry Casey, when I see you I see a guy who's willing to do anything to help. You're one of the good guys.
I don't have to be Einstein
USA - Friday, June 08, 2001 at 20:10:24 (EDT)
Casey as the overnight DJ? Christ, now it's gonna suck, not because Johnny is gone, even though Johnny and I talked on the phone alot, but Casey is just a boring person. Lifeless and robotic is how he has come across whenever I have heard him. He was at Y101? How? Did he deliver a pizza there and never found the way out? XL blows, they need to put either Lucas or someone from late nights on, don't you guys have weekend DJ's? Sharon and Evan or Eddie, maybe they would be better than this tool called Casey, thanks to some peeps telling me about this site, I feel like I'm peering into the secret world of radio, and damn, is it dirty. Casey stay off the mic, you suck. Let someone else with some hmmm, personality do it, and no more friday cheers for you, you make that suck too, I almost wanna run screaming when you go on stage, but then I realize it will be over soon and you'll get off.
Jaded Listener
USA - Friday, June 08, 2001 at 19:52:40 (EDT)
Is this the Richmond Radio Graffiti Page or the DC Radio Graffiti Page? Just checking! Good luck Tyler! Lucas stick to programming b/c you don't know a damn thing about anything else going on here at Basie Rd. Oh, and everyone that leaves (quits, fired) you offer a recommendation to! Nobody wants a recommendation from you. You were fired and brought back out of pity. By the way, 107.3 is doing one hell of a job. As a loyal Q94 listner for over 10 years, the only station I would sometimes switch to was B103.7. Now my dial doesn't move from 107.3, ever. It's great to hear Lisa on the air again in Richmond where she belongs. You can already tell, by listening, that she has done a fabulous job over there. Keep up the good work Lisa!!!!
Richmond, VA USA - Friday, June 08, 2001 at 17:55:13 (EDT)
your right - alltho most peeple kant spel or axpress they're thauths, they shure do think there smart. i aint never scene so many no it allz - truth iz, most of you posters aint never red a buuk
USA - Friday, June 08, 2001 at 14:00:59 (EDT)
Has anyone else noticed how many posts on this board are filled with glaring grammatical errors and atrocious spelling? It's pathetic how illiterate most of the people that post here are representing themselves to be. Please, do yourselves a favor and while you're busy looking for new jobs, take some time and spend it with a dictionary.
The Grammar Goddess
USA - Friday, June 08, 2001 at 12:51:34 (EDT)
As for clearchannel, there are lots of problems, but for the most part they should be coming to an end. There have been more than 80 people fired since the whole cluster began on addition to people who have just quit. There is no real leader there and those in charge don't even know who has more power. As for promotions, when the clear channel stations start blowing up like Power 92, then Katies will get points. Until then, she will have to prove herself. Believe me there's a lot more involved there getting a lot of prizes and filling your office up with them, which is what she has been doing since she's got here. Why isn't there hype about Q94, XL 102 and the otehr stations. Doesn't that fall under marketing and promotions. Like someone said she WAS Juan Condi's side kick with little experience. Over time she learned and apparently has much more to learn...especially when it comes to how to treat your staff, and not playing favorites. Word has it she's been jerking one part-timer around for over two months and just using the girl for her knowledge until she doesn't need her anymore. Cold blooded! But like they say, we all reap what we sew, and for Katie and everyone else at Clearchannel who have cost people their jobs their day will come too! Cause Payback can be a BITCH!
USA - Friday, June 08, 2001 at 12:15:53 (EDT)
Thor is Skip. Stop.Now. Skip
Hopewell, VA USA - Friday, June 08, 2001 at 10:44:54 (EDT)
Tyler, Good luck! He's got the money he owes you.
Hope it helps
Richmond, VA USA - Friday, June 08, 2001 at 09:49:43 (EDT)
Tyler, I'm going to miss you man! I hope this doesn't mean I can't rent equipment from you for the occasional corporate DJ gigs. Good luck with your new venture in the bottom. Also, it was nice to see Leslie D. at the Power Plant on Wednesday. I miss the long blonde hair though. Thanks, to Lisa Mckay for the hospitality on Tuesday. It was nice to meet the staff at 107.
Jason Paige <>
Glen Allen, VA USA - Friday, June 08, 2001 at 03:17:49 (EDT)
Several notes...1st, according to this mornings Richmond TD, Billy Surf said Party Radio Q94 will only be off the air for about a month and will return. More on that will come in the near future I assume. Also mentioned was Johnny Young's move to Y101 from XL. In the article it stated he was going to do weekends, however, Johnny Young was on Y101 tonight just after midnight (6/7/01). Casey Krokowski, better known as just Casey,(and formerly the MD and midday DJ at Y101 before Cox radio took over WDYL) is now XL102's overnight guy replacing Johnny Young, who as state a few sentences back has moved over to Y101........Now some personal thoughts...I have been listening to Star 107.3 FM for over a week now and must say it is nice to have a radio station that does not repeat itself every two to three hours. The mix of 80's with 90's and current music makes WBBT the new #1 preset on my radio. Great radio stationn; Hope it does well!...
No Radio Guru
USA - Friday, June 08, 2001 at 00:40:48 (EDT)