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Richmond Radio News

5-19-03 - The Richmond Broadcasters Hall of Fame held their ceremony last week.
Recipients of the Frank Soden Lifetime Achievement  for 2003
Steve "Mr. Beach " Leonard
Fred Haseltine (posthumous)

Broadcaster Of the Year Winner
Leslie Taylor

A slideshow of the event is available at Kirby Carmichael's web site.

3-31-03 - Several changes happening
  • Starting March 18th, Michael Savage ("The Savage Nation") is on live 7-10 pm on WRVA and Dr. Laura moves to 10 pm - 1 am
  • Over at 990 WLEE, Jim Jacobs failed to appear last week, and today we learned that he has left 4M Communications. Jeff Beck will be replacing Jacobs as director of operations. The new line up at 990 will be: Imus 6-10, Mike Gallagher 10 AM- Noon, Bill O'Reilly's "Radio Factor" Noon - 2 PM, "The Dennis Prager Show" 2 - 3 PM, and Sean Hannity 3 - 6 PM. Tony Kornheiser is moving to WARV-FM.
  • WARV will soon change from "Radio USA" stunting to ESPN Radio Network, with Big Al Coleman doing his SportsPhone show from the new FM.
  • "Big John" Trimble is returning to WXGI 950 AM to do mornings, 5 - 10 AM starting tomorrow. Big John had been at 1450 WCLM.
  • Harvey Hudson is taking his show "Harvey Hudson's Passing Parade" to WZEZ 100.5 FM.
    The last four items were from the Richmond Times Dispatch 3-31-03

3-14-03 - 100.3 FM WARV is now playing "American" music. They are calling themselves "Radio USA" and playing songs like "American Pie", "This Land Is Your Land", "America", etc. Most likely a stunt until a new format debuts.

3-7-03 - News updates are back! In the coming weeks I'll be filling in the 2002 news page as well.
  • Chris Bopst now has a weekly radio show airing on WVNZ, 1320 AM. For the month of March 2003, the show will air
    Thursdays 4-6PM
    Fridays 4-7PM
    For the month of April and the rest of the Summer 2003, The Bopst Show will air 5-8PM on both Thursday and Friday
    The Bopst Show is an eclectic journey through all forms of audio expression free from the scourge of corporate mandated play lists and genre specific formatting. Expect to hear the unexpected on The Bopst Show proving 2 days a week that variety is, in fact, the spice of life. The Bopst Show weekly column is posted every Wednesday on that features my rants, music reviews and the previous weeks set lists.
    Direct from Bopst
  • WRVA afternoon host Michael Graham is was on the "Real Time With Bill Maher" show on HBO last night. He is scheduled to appear at least two more times. Graham had appeared on the now defunct "Politically Incorrect" show, hosted by Maher, several times in the past.
    Source Richmond Times Dispatch 3-7-2003
  • The latest ratings for Fall, 2002---
    Station Overall Morning Afternoon
    WTVR 9.9 10.6 9.5
    WKHK 8.5 8.9 8.8
    WCDX 6.9 7.1 7.3
    WRVA 6.4 8.1 5.1
    WKLR 5.7 7.9 5.8
    WBTJ 5.5 4.2 5.6
    WKJS 5.0 5.8 4.0
    WRVQ 3.9 3.8 4.6
    WMXB 3.8 3.7 4.3
    WJMO 3.7 3.2 3.4
    WCVE-FM had a 5.5 overall rating.
    Probably the biggest news here is the low ratings at WRVQ and WRXL. WRXL's format change hasn't yet provided the expected boost in ratings. I searched through my archives, which go back to 1979, and I can't find any time when there were lower ratings for WRVQ then what they have now. In Spring 1979 Q had a 17.3 share.
    Source Richmond Times Dispatch 3-7-2003