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Richmond Radio Waves
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I found out about the new format of WDYL last weekend, and I haven't been able to stop listenening! I have missed the BUZZ so much since they were "forced" out of Richmond oh so long ago. I feel like I've been in music limbo since they left. How come they aren't advertising it? And you said the transmitter was located near Midlothian and Chippenham. Isn't it in Chester? I get great reception, since I'm only 1 mile or so from the little WDYL trailer on Jeff Davis highway. Is there anything we can do to help promote this station? How can we contact the owners to let them know how much we love the music? Thanx for the time! Sandy

The transmitter and antenna for 101.1 were at one time located on WXGI's (AM-950) tower, back when they were "Smooth Jazz". I had helped the engineer at WXGI do some work there and I saw the101.1 transmitter. I think you are correct about the location, the broadcast station locator page shows the transmitter back in Chester where they were when they were on 92.1. Maybe while they were off the air they moved the transmitter back to Chester, which explains the signal we get in the West end. I'm not sure where the studios are, or if they really have any yet. They'll probably be over at the Moorefield Parkway building with the rest of their stations. As far as promotion, I'm sure they'll do that when they actually get settled in with an air staff. If you want to contact them, see the message below for the phone number.

I did some digging and wanted to share. I called the number I received from "411", 345-9395. They answered "Hoffman Communications." I said I was calling about WDYL/Y-101 and how much I liked the new format. They said they sold the station to Radio One (I felt a little bad for the comment) and gave me their number, 672-9299. I called this number, they answered "Radio One" and was forwarded to "J.D.'s" voice mail. His announcement stated he was with The River and Y-101. He actually called me back and said they had not planned to up the power.

I found a number for WDYL...345-WDYL or 345-9395.

Do you think there is a chance this new station will stick around? I have been so distrought since the BUZZ
left Richmond. I have had to go on the Internet to keep up with new music (I do listen the the BUZZ 20 at
9pm on XL102 and sometimes I can pick up WROX/96x Norfolk, who just changed back to Alternative). WMXB is tolerable - but I can listen to Mambo #5 only so many times!

Also, I live in the West End and I can receive this station only on some of my radios...any news if they will pump up their wattage?

I just found your page this morning...VERY INTERESTING!!

I think there is a chance this station will be around for a while, but then again I thought the Buzz would be too. There definitely is a market for that format around here, the Buzz always got respectable ratings. The owners just thought that they could make a little more money with oldies, older people with more money to spend I suppose. I am not aware of any plans for more power, or even if more power is possible on that frequency. The transmitter is located on the Southside near Midlothian and Chippenham Parkway, their signal doesn't always stop my radio during a "seek". It does seem that with 6 KW and a 300 ft tower, the signal should be stronger. Here's a link to the search results from the Broadcast Station Location page.

Hoffman Communications, the previous owners of WDYL, had the winning bid for the new station licensed to Goochland at 100.5. The tower will be in Gum Springs with 1.95kw and 577'. -Brian

During the change from the Buzz to Cool 106, They did some strange things, that only the operations manager Jeff Cochran knows. The Sunny 106, I suspect was a diversion to confuse people on what they were going to do next. They knew what format they were going with at that point.

My involvement, I was the engineer that totally rebuilt an Audiotronics console brought up from Raleigh in pieces and told to make it happen. I repaired/re-built and literally built the new air studio for Cool 106.

Cool 106 is voice tracked from 6PM-6AM via a 'jock in the box' automation system. There is literally no one in the studio during that time.

I left Capstar (owners of B103,K-95,Cool 106.5, and The Planet) in mid Sept. Within weeks "Deathstar" was sold again to Clear Channel.

All of this consolidation of radio is really killing Broadcasting.

Robert replies:
I agree about the consolidation, it's bad because there's virtually no competetion. About the "Sunny 106"/fake format thing; one day of a fake format won't cause any other stations to change whatever they are doing, it seems like more of a "inside" practical joke. Thanks for the info!

You seem to be up to speed on this new radio station, WDYL 101.1 FM. Do you have a phone number for them? I tried information today and they don't have a listing for them yet. I'm just trying to see if maybe I can get a job with them. I just moved to VA from PA and I am trying to get back into radio after a 2 month abscence. Please reply if you have any info for me, thanks!! -Rich

I don't have a number yet (still looking). Can anyone help him? Email me and I'll pass the info along to Rich.
[Update! I found the number and address for the station and sent it to him. Thanks for the replies.]

I read on the WJYJ web page that WJYJ 90.5 Spotsylvania can now be heard on 91.1 WHCE 24 hours a day on the weekend and 16.5 hours during the week. I imagine that is all the time except during school hours and gives WJYJ a stronger signal in Richmond. -Brian

I heard that on 91.1 this past Sunday, but noticed it was in stereo (WHCE was mono), and I assumed it was a new out of town station I was picking up. It is actually not quite as strong as 90.5 in my part of town (Near J. Seargeant Reynolds Parham Road campus). Now I know "the rest of the story."