These are some of the programs I have written over the years.

CartMax now has its own page.

Triangle – (191K, 12-23-2000, ver For almost all your triangle solving needs — This program will solve almost any triangle given: SSS, SSA, or SAA. It calculates any remaining sides or angles and also calculates area and height. Written with Delphi 5.
Bug alert! (3-6-01) – The program does not always calculate SSA triangles correctly when an angle is 90 degrees or greater.
Example: Enter side A 10, Side B 10 and angle a 96.
The resulting angles add up to very slightly more than 180, but this just seems to be rounding errors. Just be suspicious if a measurement comes up 1.97418023001778E-14
This seems to be due to the way the math routines in Delphi work.

code2clip – (181K, 8-15-2000) A Delphi program that copies a specified ASCII code to the Windows clipboard. Win9X/NT.

CoinToss – (187K, 1-1-01) Simulates Coin tosses, good for statistical demonstrations.

Coder – (150K, 5-15-03) A program I wrote for my nephew. Paste text into the window and this program will then encrypt the text so that it can be emailed, and not easily read. Note: This is very simple encryption.

TossCalc – (128K, 11-25-01) Use to time objects in freefall and tell how far they fell. Another one I wrote for my nephew.

RMOEdit – (242K, 1-15-01, version 0.8) My text editor program, it’s not finished yet. However it is perfectly functional and better than Notepad! (IMHO, of course…) The command line doesn’t fully work yet, but everything else seems to. Handles files up to 2 gb.

wavheaders – (26K, 12-11-1999) VB5 source code and .exe to read .WAV file header information. Includes .bas module that does all the work that you can use in your own program. VB5 runtimes and COMDLG32.OCX needed to run the executable.

I have a mp3 version – GetMP3Time .bas module, does for MP3’s what WavHeaders does for .WAV files.  it only supports CBR files for now.

quot120w (ver 1.20, 8-10-1996) (45K). Quote A Day for Windows, ver 1.20 Shows a random quote every time you start Windows. Includes Quote files from Rodney Dangerfield, Steven Wright, Jeff Foxworthy, and a few others. Make your own Quote files! Use as Tip of The Day program. Now allows output to a text file and supports encrypted files. Free! Requires VBRUN300.DLL.

Quote A Day for DOS – (ver 1.20, 8-10-1996) (140K) – A collection of ‘Yo Mama’ one liners for use with Quote A Day 1.2 (This one contains adult language!) In .BIN format. (40K, 12-7-1996), a DOS file encryption program that I have written. This is version 1.00. Let me know what you think of it.

Other programs I have are:

Prime – (32K, 10-18-1998) A prime number generator written in QuickBasic 4.5, source code included. I have checked the output of this program to an official list of prime numbers, and my program matches it exactly. At least for the first 45,084 prime numbers, (FYI – 546,893 is the 45,084th prime number.) The upper limit on this program is 2^31 or 2,147,483,648. It would probably take several weeks (months, maybe) to get that high.
Prime32 – (20K, 2-19-2000) A Win95 version of the above program. Requires MSVBVM50.DLL. VB5 Source code included.

ROBSHELL (1-29-93, 115K), a DOS menu program.

WADLOOK (3-28-95, 103K) and WADXTRCT (3-30-95, 33K), A couple of DOS WAD file utilities for extracting info and resources from WAD files. I’ll give the source code with these, if you want. WAD files are the resource files used by some older games, such as DOOM.

If want any of the above programs, or more information about any of these programs, just email me and I’ll be glad to fill you in.

Works In Progress (as of 10-1-00):

RMO Edit – I am completely rewriting this (in Delphi this time). Basically a customizable text editor that handles large files (up to 2 GB). This actually works now and I am adding a command line so you can avoid using the mouse entirely. It won’t be a full featured program, but it will be (already is…) better than Notepad. Actually, I’m impressed how this is coming along. You will be able to completely customize the keyboard (for program commands), and all the settings are stored in a plain ASCII INI file so you can edit it yourself if you want.

Mini-Max – A wav and MP3 player with countdown timers, a very basic version of Automax.

I’m always looking for ideas for programs, if you have any that aren’t too complex, let me know.

For those interested, I have done most of my programming in Visual Basic. I am now using Delphi more and more frequently, for several reasons. VB is fairly powerful, but there are a lot of “dependencies” that cause a lot of problems, the only way around that is to always distribute 2 MB of support files for each executable. Delphi is much more powerful and only a little tougher to learn, but without the dependencies and it results in a smaller distribution package and a faster program.